500 Most Important One Word Substitution, Most Repeated in Exams

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                        Most Important One Word Substitution

        Most repeated and Expected one word substitution for ssc exams, ibps exams, banking, railway and for all other government exams

  1. A short usually amusing , story about some real person or event – ANECDOTE

  2. A person who does not believe in any religion – PAGAN

  3. Bringing about gentle and painless death from incurable diseases – EUTHANASIA

  4. A man of lax moral – LICENTIOUS

  5. A foolish belief that one is good – THEOMANIA

  6. Valuntarily giving up throne by king in fovour of son – ABDICATION

  7. Commencement of words with the same letter – ALLITERATION

  8. To slap with a flat object – SWAT

  9. Who believes that god is everything and everything is god – PANTHEIST

  10. One who takes excessive cruelty – ANARCHIST

  11. To talk much without coming to the point –   CIRCUMLOCUTION

  12. One who cuts precious stones – Lapidist

  13. The school or college in which one has studied –  ALMAMATER

  14. One desirous of getting money –  AVARICIOUS

  15. International destruction of racial group – GENOCIDE

  16. A postage stamp collector – PHILATELIST

  17. A person who is bad at spelling – CACOGRAPHIST

  18. Scientific study of the origin of the universe –  COSMOGONY

  19. A person who is always dissatisfied – MALCONTENT

  20. Man whose wife has been unfaithful to him –  CUCKOLD

  21. Person who brings an action at low –   PLAINTIFF

  22. Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others –  SADISM

  23. Atonement for one’s sins  –  EXPIATION

  24. Of unknown and un admitted authorship –  ANONYMOUS

  25. A person who forsake religion –  RENEGADE

  26. A person who is made to bear blame bue to others –  SCAPEGOAT

  27. A person who pretends who has more knowledge or skill than he really has – CHARLATAN

  28. The act of violating the sanctity of church – DESECRATION

  29. One who thinks that human nature is essentially evil –   CYNIC

  30. Irrational fear of crowds –  OCHLOPHOBIA

  31. One who can use either of his hands with ease –  AMBIDEXTROUS

  32. Land surrounded by water as to be almost an island –   PENINSULA

  33. Story told to illustrate a moral or spiritual truth – PARABLE

  34. The feeling of being great about oneself –  MEGALOMANIA

  35. A place where arms and ammunition are kept –  ARSENAL

  36. Substance that removes dirt from the surface of a thing –  DETERGENT

  37. Scientific study of speech and sound especially in a particular language –   PHONOLOGE

  38. Points for discussion in a meeting –  AGENDA

  39. Of outstanding significance – MONUMENTAL

  40. An animal that preys on other animal –  PREDATOR

  41. One who knows many languages –  POLYGLOT

  42. A writer who steals ideas from others – PLAGIARIST

  43. That which cannot be perished –  IMPERISHABLE

  44. A place for keeping bees –  APIARY

  45. A person who kills somebody for political reasons –  ASSASSIN

  46. A person who does not want to see the realities of life and tries to escape –  ESCAPIST

  47. A figure with many angles or sides – POLYGON

  48. Decision that cannot be taken back –  IRREVOCABLE

  49. One who loves books –  BOBLIOPHILE

  50. A person suffering from nervous breakdown –  NEUROTIC

  51. The house of an Eskimo – IGLOO

  52. The art of beautiful handwriting –  CALLIGRAPHY

  53. That which catches fire quickly –  INFLAMMABLL

  54. An instrument for measuring the force of the wind – ANEMOMETER

  55. A game in which no one wins –  DRAWN

  56. One who is hundred years old –  CENTENARIAN

  57. One for whom the whole world is one’s home  –  COSMOPOLITAN

  58. Fear of crowds –   OCHLOPHOBIA

  59. Physical features of an area –  GEOGRAPHY

  60. Release of a prisoner from jail on certain terms and conditions –  PAROLE

  61. A person who is talkative  –  GARRULOUS

  62. A person having the same name as another – NAMESAKE

  63. A style in which a displays his knowledge –  PEDANTIC

  64. A low area storm with high winds rotating about a centre of atmospheric pressure –  CYCLONE

  65. Opposed to great or sudden change –  CONSERVATIVE

  66. Relationship by blood or birth –  CONSAGUINITY

  67. A story that can hardly be believed –  INCREDIBLE

  68. Along distance race – MARATHON

  69. A person who is difficult to please –  FASTIDIOUS

  70. In order og time –  CHRONOLOGICAL

  71. Murder of mother –  MATRICIDE

  72. One who doubt others –  SKEPTIC

  73. Something characterized by dull uniformity –  AUTONOMOUS

  74. A man who got married recently – BRIDEGROOM

  75. Words inscribed on a tomb –  EPITAPH

  76. Person leaving his native country to settle in another –  EMIGRANT

  77. Bones separated from flesh and preserved in natural position –  SKELOTON

  78. Skillfully planning the movements of his troops –  MANEUVERING

  79. Surrounded on all sides –  ENVELOPED

  80. One who conceals his identity as a writer under an assumed pen name [ Fr. Nom-de-plume] –  COCOPHONOUS

  81. Scientific study of insects –  Entomology

  82. Blessed with super intelligence sine birth –   PRODIGY

  83. Pardon for political crimes –  AMNESTY

  84. Deserving all praise –  Laudable

  85. That which can be seen through – TRANSPARENT

  86. Mass-scale destruction of racial groups –  GENOCIDE

  87. A word which can be interpreted in other ways –  MISNOMER

  88. Minister representing a sovereign  /  state in a foreign country  –  AMBASSADOR

  89. A person sent on a mission – EMISSARY

  90. A person who lives at the same time as another –  CONTERNPORARY

  91. A lover of womankind –  PHILOGYNIST

  92. A lover of food  –  GOURMAND

  93. A person who lovers his own country –   PATRIOT

  94. A person who regards the whole world as his country –  COSMOPOLITAN

  95. A person who believes in the total abolition of war –  PACIFIST

  96. A person who is fond of fighting –  BELLICOSE

  97. One who supplicates or entreats earnestly –  SUPPLICANT

  98. One who has narrow religious views –  BIGOT

  99. One who eats too much –  GLUTTON

  100. One who eats human flesh –  CANNIBAL

  101. One who breaks images and idols –  ICONOCLOST

  102. One who walks in sleep –  SOMNAMBULIST

  103. One who talks in sleep –  Somniloquist

  104. One who makes a scientific study of language – LINGUIST

  105. The amount of money put at stake in poker – ANTE

  106. One who enjoys another person’s confidence –  CONFIDANT

  107. One who is appointed by parties to settle dispute –  ARBITRATOR

  108. Who leaves his own country and goes to lives in another –  EMIGRANT

  109. A person who comes to one country from another to settle –  IMMIGRANT

  110. To send out of one’s notive country –  EXPATRIATE

  111. One who commits the first act of attack –  AGGRESSOR

  112. One who speaks for others –  SPAKESMAN

  113. One who abandons his religious faith – APOSTANTE

  114. Who faces the penalty for persistence in his faith – MARTYR

  115. A person who has a long experience of any occupation –  VETERAN

  116. A person who does clever tricks which appear magical –  CANJUROR

  117. Preacher of a doctrine – APOSTLE

  118. A disease that is found regularly in a particular place –  ENDEMIC

  119. A child brought up by persons who are not its parents – FOSTER-CHILD

  120. A tendency to break law to do socially unacceptable things –  DELINQUENT

  121. A medicine that induces sleep narcotic soporific somniferous –  HYPNOTIC

  122. A story in which ideas are symbolized as-people –   ALLEGORY

  123. A short story designed to teach a moral or religious lesson  –  PARABLE

  124. An old story about great events and people in ancient times, which may not be true – LEGEND

  125. A string of beads used for prayer – ROSARY

  126. The act of speaking aloud one’s thoughts when alone –  SOLILOQUY

  127. Animals which lives in flocks – GREGARIOUS

  128. A style full of words –  VERBOSE

  129. A style in which a writer displays his knowledge – PEDANTIC

  130. Repetition or writing word for word –  ALLITERATION

  131. Anything which is no longer in use –  OBSOLETE

  132. That which cannot be blotted – INDELIBLE

  133. That without which one can’t do  –  INDISPENSABLE

  134. That which can be easily set on fire – INFLAMMABLE

  135. That which cannot be perceived by the senses –  IMPERCEPTIBLE

  136. That which cannot be taken by force or arms – IMPREGNABLE

  137. Incapable of being understood –  UNINTELLIGIBLE

  138. Incapable of being imitated –  INIMITABLE

  139. That which happens every two years –  BIENNIAL

  140. That which happens every four years – QUADRENNIAL

  141. That which happens every half year – SEMIANNUAL

  142. That which occurs time after time – PERENNIAL

  143. That which happens once in three years –  TRIENNIAL

  144. The cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed –  ARMISTICE

  145. Compulsory enlistment of military and other services –  CONSCRIPTION

  146. Give tit for tat – RETALIATE

  147. Total loss of voice –   APHONIA

  148. One who is interested in old thing works of art or books  –   ANTIQUARIAN

  149. One who deceives by pretending to be someone else – IMPOSTER

  150. The worship of idols or images – IDOLATRY

  151. The original inhabitants or a country – ABORGINES

  152. Formal written charge against a person for some crime / offence –  INDICTMENT

  153. Engaged in war – BELLIGERENT

  154. A person who helps a helpless person or stranger – SAMORITAN

  155. The state of abstention form marriage –   CELIBACY

  156. Political leader appeals to feelings to stir them up –  DEMAGEOUGE

  157. A person who introduces the performers speakers etc –  COMPERE

  158. A place where books are bound –  BINDERY

  159. A boastful fellow who behaves recklessly –  SWASHBUKLER

  160. Where stone, slote,etc is obtained for building road- making etc – QUARRY

  161. A gambling den –  CASINO

  162. Force of aircraft used to protect a military or naval operation –    AIR-COVER

  163. Record of list of ancestors in order of succession or descent –  GENEALOGY

  164. Paradise or place where one gets supreme delight and bliss  –   ASYLUM

  165. A lie told on purpose –  PERJURY

  166. A small set or committee of top leaders which runs the election for the party –  CAUCUS

  167. One who is habitually kind to others –   ALTRUIST

  168. That which appears to be in the wrong period  –   ANACHRONISM

  169. A collection of poems and writings –   ANTHOLOGY

  170. A wise saying in few words –   APHORISM  ( MAXIM/ ADAGE/ DICTUM)

  171. Small country that is industrially underdeveloped and politically unsteady –   BANANA REPUBLIC

  172. A camp without tents –   BIVOUAC

  173. One who likes good wine and food and companions –   BON- VIVANT

  174. A broad street having trees on both side –   BOULEVARD

  175. Belonging to the middle class –  BOURGEOISIDE

  176. Small object kept for decoration –   BRIC-A-BRAC

  177. A small ad placed in a newspaper –  CLASSIFIED

  178. A large expensive book with a lot of pictures in it –  COFFEE  TABLE BOOK

  179. Combination of many companies / banks for a common purpose –    CONSORTIUM

  180. Made exactly like something real in order to deceive – COUNTERFIRT

  181. Business of making and selling fashionable women’s clothes –  COUTURE

  182. A long soft seat or bed on a base –  DIVAN

  183. A large room containing a number of beds –   DORMITORY

  184. An official order forbidding trade  with another country   –  EMBARGO

  185. A serious crime such as murder or robbery –  FELONY

  186. A deep narrow valley with steep sides –  GORGE

  187. Great destruction and the loss of many live –  HOLOCAUST

  188. Impossible to satisfy or make less angry – IMPLACABLE

  189. In physical form rather than in the from of spirit –  INCARNATE

  190. A long loose garment made of silk –  KIMONO

  191. Rough treatment of a person to obtain information –  THIRED DEGREE

  192. Personal possessions a women brings with her in marriage –   TROUSSEAU

  193. A living creature which has a back bone –    VERTEBRATE

  194. To walk through water –   WADE

  195. Difficulty in seeing the difference between letter shapes –   WORD BLINDNESS

  196. A group of three powerful people –   TRIUMVIRATE

  197. An apartment building in which each apartment is owned separately by the people living in it, but also containing shared areas –  CONDOMINIUM

  198. A person who is greatly respected because of wisdom –  VENERABLE

  199. Prohibited by law or treaty from being imported or exported –   SMUGGLED

  200. A person in a vehicle or on horseback escorting another vehicle –   Noutrider

  201. Detailed plan of a jurney –      ITI-NERARY

  202. A school boy who cuts classes frequently is a –   TRUANT

  203. The main women singer in opera company –   PRIMA DONNA

  204. A renewal of interest in some particular kind of art –  RENAISANCE

  205. A warm stretch of cast popular with holiday makers –  RIVIERA

  206. One who can see into the future –  SEER

  207. One who is between 60-69 years old –   SEXAGENARIAN

  208. Having a strange dreamlike unreal quality –  SURREAL

  209. A liking for sweet –  SWEET TOOTH

  210. Of the sense of touch –   TACTILE

  211. The belief that nothing has meaning and value –   NIHILISM

  212. Philosophy branch concerned with the nature of existence  –  ONTOLOGY

  213. Making oneself willingly suffer for one’s wrong –  PENANCE

  214. One who brings charge against someone in court – PLAINTIFF

  215. Of the lower social classes  –   PLEBEIAN

  216. Of or like a pig –  PORCINE

  217. The main women dancer in ballet company –   PRIMA BALLERINA

  218. Just and unavoidable punishment –   NEMESIS

  219. A person with same name as yours is your –  NAMESAKE

  220. One who keeps thinking of one particular idea only –   MONOMANIAC

  221. A method of doing something typical of someone –  MODUS OPERANDI

  222. A simple shoe made of leather – MOCCASIN

  223. The belief that one is important than one really is  –   MEGALOMANIA

  224. The long hair on the back of neck –  MANE

  225. Something that made failure certain  –   KISS  OF  DEATH

  226. The title ‘sir’ given by the British king or queen –   KNIGHTHOOD

  227. That which causes the bowels to empty easily –   LAXATIVE

  228. Of or like a lion –  LEONINE

  229. An official demand or collection, especially tax –   LEVY

  230. A humorous short poems with five lines  –   LIMERICK

  231. A great work of art –   MAGNUM OPUS

  232. Smugly self-satisfied –   COMPLACENT

  233. Having to do with artistic beauty –  AESTHETIC

  234. A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army –   MERCENARY

  235. A writing or speech in praise of someone –  EULOGY

  236. A person who repairs broken window glasses –  GLAZIER

  237. The stand from which a preacher delivers his sermon –  LECTERN

  238. The science of government –   POLITICS

  239. One who specializes in the mathematics of insurance –   ANACTUARY

  240. A messenger sent ingreat haste –  EMISSARY

  241. Deeply worriend or agitated –  DISTRAUGHT

  242. He is my partner in crime –  ACCOMPLICE

  243. A short trip or excursion –  JAUNT

  244. Motive or incitement to action – PROPOSITION

  245. Science or practice of map drawing –  CARTOGRAPHY

  246. Something that might happen in the future –  PROPHECY

  247. Person believing in free will –  LIBERTARIAN

  248. Small pieces of metal they fly out from an exploding bomb  –   SPLINTERS

  249. All the arts, beliefs and social in stitutions etc. characteristic of a race –   CULTURE

  250. The act of speaking about one’s thoughts when one is alone –  SOLILOQUY

  251. To remove an objectionable part from a book –   EXPURGATE

  252. Pertaining to sheep –  OVINE

  253. Affecting or relating to cows –  BOVINE

  254. A drink usually made from a mixture of one or more alcoholic drink  –  COCKTAIL

  255. Passing out of use –   OBSOLESCENT

  256. A part of a word that can be pronounced separately –  SYLLABLE

  257. Relating to kinship with father –  PATRILINEAL

  258. A special fondness or liking for –  PENCHANT

  259. A speaker platform –   PULPIT

  260. A large number of bullets fired at the same time –  FUSILLADE

  261. One who deliberately damages other people’s property –  VANDAL

  262. A book which holds several works of one author –  ANTHOLOGY

  263. A person who studies the origin and history of words –  ETYMOLOGIST

  264. The policy of extending a country’s empire and influence –   IMPERIALISM

  265. Government by the few –  OLIGARCHY

  266. Hole excavated by an animal as dwelling – BURROW

  267. Materials that change naturally by the action of bacteria –  BIODEGRADABLE

  268. Having a stale smell or taste –   RANCID

  269. Wooden object used for connecting animals that are pulling a vehicle –  YOKE

  270. A man who knows a lot about things like food, music and art –  CONNOISSEUR

  271. A doctor who specialize in diseases of the nose –    RHINOLOGIST

  272. Study of caves –   SSPELEOLOGY

  273. One who has little faith in human sincerity and goodness –  CYNIC

  274. A person pretending to be somebody he is not –   IMPOSTER

  275. A single pillar construction is – MONOLITHIC

  276. A motive merely to get money –  MERCENARY

  277. Harassed by a fixed idea –  HARANGUE

  278. One who revolts against established government –  INSURGENT

  279. An unmarried women past the age of marriage –  SPINSTER

  280. A tall, strong woman  –  AMAZAN

  281. A difficult problem –  CONUNDRUM

  282. A drug or other substance that induces sleep –  SEDATIVE

  283. A speech delivered without any preparation –  EXTEMPORE

  284. Animals which suckle their young –  MAMMALS

  285. Tending to move away from the centre or axis –  CENTRIFUGAL

  286. To deny responsibility for –  REPUDIATE

  287. Time and space without limit –  INFINITUDE

  288. The study of ancient societies –  ANTHROPOLOGY

  289. A person of good understanding knowledge and reasoning power  –   INTELLECTUAL

  290. A person who insists on something –  STICKLER

  291. To deny responsibility for –   REPUDIATE

  292. Placing a thing beside another – JUXTAPOSE

  293. A list of passengers and luggage –  WAYBILL

  294. Study of the interaction of people with their environment – ECOLOGY

  295. Words inscribed on tomb  –  EPITAPH

  296. A shopkeeper selling cloth and clothing –  DRAPER

  297. A state of extreme excitement –  RETALIATE

  298. State in which the few govern the many – OLIGARCHY

  299. A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge –  PEDANTIC

  300. Leave or remove from a place considered dangerous –  EVACUATE

  301. Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool –  SENILITY

  302. A short sleep, especially during the day –  NAP

  303. A lengthy and complicated procedure –   RIGMARALE

  304. Giving a false or misleading impression –  DELUSIVE

  305. Shamefully negligent of one’s duties or obligations –  DERELICT

  306. A person of obscure position who has gained wealth –  PARVENU

  307. To root out an evil –  ERADICATE

  308. A list of explanations of rare,  technical or obsolete words –  LEXICON

  309. A place where house refuse is burnt –  INCINERATOR

  310. A substance to keep down evil smell –  SCENT

  311. A substance that alleviates pain –  ANODYNE

  312. A disease affecting many persons at the same time and place -EPIDEMIC DISEASE

  313. Which can be destroyed quickly –  PERISHABLE

  314. A person with refined taste in food and wine –  EPICURE

  315. In a very difficult situation –  HOTCHPATCH

  316. Belonging to upper space –  ETHEREAL

  317. Prescribed or required by fashion, etiquette or custom –  DE RIGUEUR

  318. Move forward  with head on the ground and legs in the air  –  SCMERSAULT

  319. A man with low intelligence –  SIMPLETON

  320. Related to drama and acting –  HISTRIONIC

  321. Use funds in a wrongful way –  EMBEZZLE

  322. State of dreamy meditation –  REVERIO

  323. A green are in a desert  –  OASIS

  324. A caretaker or doorkeeper of a building  –  JANITOR

  325. Home for the dying patient –  HOSPICE

  326. Destroy totally or wipe out –  EXTERMINATE

  327. Painful tightening of a muscle –  SPASM

  328. Help to breathe again  –  REFURBISH

  329. A wooden  or  waxen  image  of  human  figure   –  MANNEQUIN

  330. One who  precedes   –  PRECURSOR

  331. Organized massacre or a particular athnic group   –  POGROM

  332. Place side by side –  JUXTAPOSE

  333. Accusation and  counter accusation  –  RECRIMINATION

  334. A wooden  box   with a front of wire for rabbits  –  HUTCH

  335. One who  studies   the  pattern  of  voting  in elections   –  PSEPHOLOGIST

  336. A large   group  of  girls/ladies  –  BEVY

  337. A group  of  applauders  paid  to clap  –  CLAQUE

  338. A section  of  hair   –  LOCK

  339. A word  or phrase intended to disparage  of belittle –  PEJORATIVE

  340. Easily annoyed or angered and likely to argue –   TRUCLENT

  341. Lasting for a very short time – EVANESCENT

  342. Sexually immoral or offensive –  LICENTIOUS

  343. Very bad or wrong in a way that causes anger – OUTRAGEOUS

  344. Shameless boldness –  EFFRONTERY

  345. One who is well- versed in any subject a critical judge of any art, particularly fine arts, taste –   CONNOISSEUR

  346. An office or past with no work but high pay –  SINECURE

  347. One who always runs away from danger –  TIMID

  348. Place where public, govt or historical records are kept –  ARCHIVES

  349. Mania for talking –  LOGOMANIA

  350. Part of a church in which bells hang –  BELFRY

  351. A song embodying religious and sacred emotions –  HYMM

  352. A small house with all rooms on the floor –  BUNGALOW

  353. An entertainer who performs difficult physical actions – GYMNAST

  354. Strong and settled dislike between two person –  ANTIPATHY

  355. The act of killing one’s wife –  UXORICIDE

  356. To cause troops etc. to spread out in readiness for bottle  –  DEPLOY

  357. A small enciosure for cattle, sheep, poultry –  PEN

  358. To examine one’s own thoughts and feelings –  INTROSPECTION

  359. Murder of a brother – FRATRICIDE

  360. Mania for traval –  DROMOMANIE

  361. A person living permanently in a certain place –  DOMICILE

  362. Paying back injury with injury – VENDETTA

  363. Person who claims to have great love for and understanding of what is beautiful in nature, art etc –   AESTHETE

  364. To change shape, nature or substance of –  TRANSMUTE

  365. Words different in meaning but similar in sound –  HOMONYM

  366. A house for storing grains –  GRANARY

  367. Time after twilight and before night – DUSK

  368. Wicked to be of a high degree –  HEINOUS

  369. Maine for work –  ERGOMANIA

  370. Medicine which lessens pain –   ERGOMANIA

  371. A sudden rush of wind –  GUST

  372. One who is interested in the welfare of women –  FEMINIST

  373. Opposed to great or sudden change –  CONSERVATIVE

  374. The line which a plough cuts in the ground –  FURROW

  375. Belief that god is in everything and that everything is god. –  PANTHEISM

  376. A picture of person or a thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner as to cause laughter. –   CARICATURE

  377. The state of being miserably bereft of all possessions –  DESTITUTE

  378. That which cannot be called back –  IRREVACABLE

  379. One who journeys from place to place –  ITINERANT

  380. To feel or express disapproval of something or someone –  DEPRECATE

  381. Hand writing that cannot be read – ILLEGIBLE

  382. Animals that can live on land and in water –  AMPHIBIANS

  383. Easily duped or fooled –  GULLIBLE

  384. Fear of water –  HYDROPHOBIA

  385. A government by officials –  BUREAUCRACY

  386. Commencement of adjacent words with the some letter –  ALLITERATION

  387. A specialist who tests eyesight  –  POTICIAN

  388. Science dealing with bird life –  ARNITHOLOGY

  389. The dead skin cast off by a snake –  SLOUGH

  390. A roundabout way of speaking  –  CIRCUMLOCTION

  391. An extreme fear of being in a small confined place –  CLAUSTROPHOBIA

  392. An inscription on a tomb –  EPITAPH

  393. Allowance due to a wife from her husband an separation –  ALIMONY

  394. Parctice of employing spies in war  –  ESPIONAGE

  395. A wall built to prevent the sea or a river from flooding an area – DYKE

  396. Someone who keeps bees – APIARIST

  397. Speaking one’s thoughts aloud to oneself –  SOLILOQUIZE

  398. That which would burn easily –  INFLAMMABLE

  399. Place of gathering for public discussion –  FORUM

  400. Young cow that not yet had a calf – HEIFER

  401. A mournful song for the dead –  DIRGE

  402. A bee keeper –  ENTOMOLOGIST

  403. One who uses somebody else’s ideas or writings as if they were his own –  PLAGIARIST

  404. Noisy merry making – REVELRY

  405. The art of making fireworks –  PYROTECHNICS

  406. An appearance of objects often simulating –  MIRAGE

  407. A small waterfall or group of waterfalls flowing down a rocky hill side is called –  CSCADE

  408. Give off bubbles of gas – EFFERVESCE

  409. Specializes in nose diseases –  RHINOLOGIST

  410. Sudden and violent change –  CATACLYSM

  411. Instrument which records earth’s tremor –  SEISMOGRAPH

  412. Careful in the spending of money time etc –  ECONOMICAL

  413. Study of insects is – ENTOMOLOGY

  414. A fixed territory in which authority can be exercised –  JURISDICTION

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