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Most Important Current Affairs for Upcoming IBPS Exams

Blow are the most important Current Affairs questions for upcoming IBPS Clerks and IBPS PO exams. These questions are also most important for other gov exams like SSC Exams, NDA Exams, UP Police, Delhi Police, Rajasthan Police, UK Police , Bihar Police and all other states police exams.

Question 1

First Indian State to launch Health Adalat is _____.

a) Karnataka

b) Punjab

c) Rajasthan

d) Bihar

Answer : a) Karnataka

Question 2

A method called RT-LAMP, developed by Japan researchers to detect _____.

a) Rabies virus

b) Ebola Virus

c) Measles virus

d) Hepatitis virus

Answer : b) Ebola Virus

Question 3

Former Chief Justice of India, P Sathasivam was appointed as the new Governor of _____.

a) Goa

b) Bihar

c) Chhattisgarh

d) Kerala

Answer : d) Kerala
Note : He is the first Chief Justice of India to be appointed to the post of a Governor of a State.

Question 4

Eight Commemorative Postage Stamps was released by President on ____.

a) Indian Sportman

b) Indian Actors

c) Indian Musicians

d) Indian Crafts Persons

Answer : c) Indian Musicians
Note : The musicians are Pandit Ravi Shankar, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, D.K. Pattammal, Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur, Gangubai Hangal, Pandit Kumar Gandharva, Ustad Vilayat Khan and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

Question 5

In Asian Games 2014, Indian Women’s Hockey team will lead by ____.

a) Surinder Kaur

b) Ritu Rani

c) Rajani Etimarpu

d) Jaspreet Kaur

Answer : b) Ritu Rani

Question 6

Snapdeal signed Joint venture with ____ .

a) Den Networks

b) You Telecom

c) Kal Cables Pvt. Ltd

d) Universal Communication System

Answer : a) Den Networks

Question 7

IWF World Masters Weightlifting Championships was won by ____.

a) Copenhagen, Denmark

b) Huuskonen Jari, Finland

c) Sudhakar Jayant, India

d) Frederic Robert, France

Answer : c) Sudhakar Jayant, India

Question 8

The new CMD of National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC) is ____.

a) Ravindra Nath

b) H P Kumar

c) Ajai Kumar

d) None of these

Answer : a) Ravindra Nath

Question 9

First women chairperson of Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS) is _____.

a) Indu Shahani

b) Shayama Chona

c) Sugata Mitra

d) Chandrakala Padia

Answer : d) Chandrakala Padia

Question 10

A rechargeable magnesium battery is developed at ____.

a) IICT Kolkata

b) IICT Hyderabad

c) IICT Mumbai

d) IICT Lucknow

Answer : b) IICT Hyderabad

Question 11

Mixed Doubles trophy of US Open was won by ____.

a) Sania Mirza and Bruno Soares

b) Abigail Spears and Santiago Gonzalez

c) Cara Black and Leander Paes

d) Abigail Spears and Santiago González

Answer : a) Sania Mirza and Bruno Soares

Question 12

Author of the book “Grandmaster Repertoire – 1.e4 vs The French, Caro-Kann and Philidor” is ____.

a) Yashwardhan Shukla

b) Partap Sharma

c) Parimarjan Negi

d) Tuhin Sinha

Answer : c) Parimarjan Negi

Question 13

US Open was won by Serena Williams for ____ consecutive time.

a) Fifth

b) Third

c) Sixth

d) Fourth

Answer : b) Third

Question 14

China Book Award was given to ____.

a) Abhijit Roy

b) Vaishali Pai

c) Yasmin Wankhede

d) Priyadarsi Mukherji

Answer : d) Priyadarsi Mukherji
Note : He is a Professor at JNU & was honoured for his long-term contribution to the translation and publication of Chinese works.

Question 15

India’s First Coral Garden is to be set in ____ by Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) and Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL).

a) Odisha

b) Kerala

c) Gujarat

d) Goa

Answer : c) Gujarat

Question 16

Women Grand Prix chess was won by ____.

a) Hou Yifan

b) Harika Dronavalli

c) Zhao Xue

d) Tania Sachdev

Answer : b) Harika Dronavalli

Question 17

World Literacy day was celebrated on ____.

a) 06 Sep

b) 08 Sep

c) 10 Sep

d) 12 Sep

Answer : b) 08 Sep

Question 18

Rajasthan Atomic Power Station’s Unit 5 is the world’s ____ longest running reactor.

a) First

b) Third

c) Second

d) Fourth

Answer : c) Second

Question 19

Men’s Singles title of US open was won by _____.

a) Marin Cilic

b) Kei Nishikori

c) Arthur Ashe

d) Andy Murray

Answer : a) Marin Cilic

Question 20

MIDORI Prize in Biodiversity 2014 was won by ____.

a) Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla

b) Angela Merkel

c) Dr. Emil Salim

d) Dr. Kamal Bawa

Answer : d) Dr. Kamal Bawa