What are Articles 370 and 35A? | Article 370 is the constitution of India

All about Article 370 and 35 A!

How can anyone forget the day of 5th August 2019! The most remarkable day in the history of India. For some its like celebrating while some are lost in complete blackout. Well, confused right ?Lets have a broad discussion about it. So what exactly is Article 37 and 35 A? Basically it is all about the special status given to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This special status deals about the Jammu and Kashmir enjoying some special rights. Now these special rights are like the permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir are only eligible to have land property in state , only they can apply for government jobs in the state and also only they can have education scholarships in the state. Also Article 37 and 35 A has given them special status as in order that they could have their own flag and own constitution. Only matters such asdefense, communication are been controlled by the central administration. This is thus the brief introduction about what exactly article 37 and 35A deals with. So now what has happened on5th August 2019 ? Lets check.

On 5th August 2019, our Prime minister NarendraModi and Home Minister Amit Shah has made an announcement regarding this special status of Jammu and Kashmir. In accordance with the Presidential orders passed on 5th August 2019, abrogation of Article 37 and 35A has been observed. Henceforth, giving no more special status to the residents of Jammu and Kashmir.According to our leaders abrogating Article 370 and 35A will eventually lead to integration of Jammu and Kashmir in India and thus satisfy the theory of “one nation and one card”. However with this thought, whole of India is celebrating for unity in the nation.

But what about blackout? Blackout in the valley! All communication medium and internet services are shut down. No one has any type of contact with the people in valley. People in Kashmir are not happy with the decision of abrogation of Article 37 and 35A as given by the ground report conducted by various media channels. Section 144 is imposed in the valley and so people are not allowed to get out of their homes. Shops are shut. Curfew are imposed. These restriction are making them believe that instead of integrating with India, they are been violated with such imposed dictatorship.

Prime Minister Narendramodi has claimed that abrogating Article 37 and 35A will lower the number of terrorist. However lets hope things get onto good grounds because if things are not implemented as planned, it may lead to havoc and may end with lots of bloodshed in the valley which will obviously be an erroneousto the decision taken. According to some reports its also been a measure point of infallibility about the lockdown of valley. If BJP is claiming that there has been no pellets or tear gas thrown or any violent attack been encountered then why the valley is been blackout? Why communicating with them has become so terribly difficult? This is the question we need to ask our leaders. Why our brothers and sisters suffering from this ruthless move. Marriages are been cancelled, patient are not been hospitalized on time, pregnant ladies are suffering and much more.

‘No communication’ takes us back to the era when technology was no where. Are we really expecting our Kashmiri brethren’s to not utter a word and live life like hell in the era of technology . Where is freedom of speech though? One of my friend has updated a status on instragram stating his grief as he is not able to communicate with his family since the black out. It states :-

I would have rowed my

Shikara to you,

My beloved

But I hope you know,

Our Jhelum is curfewed

-Amir wani

He says “Mad heart, be brave” for no contact. Parents in the valley have no idea where their kids are and vice versa. People in love are been departed. How can these emotions be satisfied with the cruel atmosphere in the valley?

Integrating Kashmir has always been like a wish coming true for India and Indians but if Kashmiri people are not ready to accept it by their heart , how can we be so moderate and dominating? Its their wish and their choice and we need to respect it as well. This integration may also result in more number of militants.

Pakistan has decided for reaching to International Justice Court for the issue of Kashmir. And also they  are cancelled all the bilateral trades with India . Other countries are going to participate for further discussions. People need to keep patience level high. Many times internet services are banned in the valley. During the death of Militant Burhan Wani, the complete Kashmir internet service were shut down for nearly 6 months. But this is the first time that just not internet service but callings are also banned.

Abrogating Article 37 and 35 A is one of the most commendable work done so far within the years of independence. We have always dream of development of nation by imbibing more industries globally as well as locally in Kashmir and eradicating terrorism for our Kashmiri brethren’s which eventually seems to be possible with this move but the problem is the way abrogation of Article has been implemented in the valley. Things would have been different if they were to be implemented in a manner where people of Kashmir with their heart would have accepted to be in India. Its not about Hindu Muslim, its all about humanity and no matter what we will not let our brethren’s shed in blood . What will happen and what will not will surely be predicted only with coming time. Lets hope that till 15th August 2019, connectivity will be resumed with Kashmir and Indian Flag will be hosted all over India including  Jammu and Kashmir and patriotic songs and felt all over.