Computer releated question

1.  WWW stands for-

ans- World Wide  Web

2. What  was the following are components of Central Processing Unit (CPU)?

ans-Arithmetic  logic unit, Central unit

3. Which among following first generation of computers had ?

ans-Vaccum Tubes and Magnetic Drum

4. Full Form of URL-

Ans- Uniform Resource Locator

5. In which of the following form, data is stored in computer –


6. Which level language is Assembly Language ?

ans- Low – level programming language

7. Which of the following is used in RAM?

ans- Semi conductor

8.What is the full form of GUI  in terms of Computers?

Ans- Graphical User Interface

9.What was the form of ALU ?

Ans-Airthmetic  Logic Unit

10.Where are stored files in Computers?

Ans-Hard Disk


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