Railway NTPC Exam 2019 | Top GK Questions in Hindi

Top GK For Railway NTPC Exam 2019

G K Quiz

Q. it is difficult to walk on ice rather than to walk on road because ?

A. ice is harder than road

B. road is harder than ice

C. ice do not offer any reaction

D. ice has a lesser friction than road

ans. D

Q. mohm. Ghazi attacked indiamainly because of ?

A. to plunder the wealth of India

B. to establish his empire in india

C. to spread Islam in India

D. to take the famous artisans of india to his court

ans. A

Q. which battle was fought in AD 1192 ?

A. first battle of tarain

B. second battle of tarain

C. battle o talikota

D. battle of khanwah

ans. B

Q. The monetary policy in india is formulated by ?

A. central govt.

B. industrial financial corporation of india

C. reserve bank of india

D. industrial development bank of india

ans. C

Q. Hiuentsang visited India during the reign of ?

A. Chandra gupta 1

B. Chandra gupta 2

C. harshavardhana

D. rudradaman

ans. C

Q. which is the second nearest star to the sun ?

A. vega

B. Sirius

C. proximacentauri

D. alpha centauri

ans. C

Q. Rajia sultan belonged to which of the following dynasty ?

A. slave dynasty

B. mauryadynasty

C. khiljidynasty

D. koravidynasty

ans. A

Q. The call of ‘back to the vedas’ was given by ?

A. swami Vivekananda

B. swami dayanandsaraswati

C. aurobindoghosh

D. raja ram mohanroy

ans . B

Q. The book titled ‘the Indian war of independence’ was written by ?

A. Krishna verma

B. madamecama

C. B G tilak

D. V D savarkar

ans. D

Q. sattriya dance originated in  ?

A. assam

B. Andhra Pradesh

C. bihar

D. goa

ans A


  • ASSAM GOVT. has waived admission fees for all the students from nursery to post graduation whose family income is less than 2 lacks .
  • Central govt. has created a new ministry call jal Shakti by merger of ministries of water resources, river development, ganga mission along with drinking water and sanitation.
  • Central govt. will now celebrate international yoga day in 5 cities including Delhi, Shimla,mysore,Ahmedabad and Ranchi .
  • Quad group meet will held in Bangkok this year , this group includes India , us , japan and Australia.This group majorly focuses on indo pacific region especially south china sea issue.
  • Indianair force has removed the temporary restrictions on all the air routes in Indian air territory which was imposed after balakot air strike .
  • Indian startups ola and oyohave been shortlisted for the uk-India awards with the same names.
  • India has moved up one place to rank 43ed most competitive economy in world in annual competitiveness ranking by IMD.
  • According to WHO 22 out of 30 polluted cities in the world are in India .
  • China and India facing the major air pollution in the world according to the world health organization.
  • Indian airforce aircraft AN-32 has been missing from last 3 days.
  • PM modi is making two high power ministries to tackle economic growth and jobs.