Current Affairs June 2019 | Top Current Affairs and General Knowledge Questions

Current affairs 10 June, 2019:

  • Narendramodi got the highest award of Maldives on his first international visit of second tenure.
  • N gopal swami is designated as new officer for annual general meeting ,he is the old election commission chief.
  • Foreign minister S jayshankar has visited Bhutan on his first international visit.
  • France is hosting female fifa football world cup this year.
  • Jiyaniinfantino is again declared FIFA president .
  • Krishnaswamikastoorirangan is designated as new national education planning director of India.
  • KaramveersinghIs declared as 24th naval chief of indian navy.
  • Premsinghtamang took oath as chief minister of Sikkim on 27th may 
  • Pemakhandu is elected as new chief minister of arunachal Pradesh.
  • Global leadership award 2019 has given to Sundarpichai and raina freedman

Current affairs 9 June, 2019:

  • Gianni infantino is again elected as president of fifa .headquarter of fifa is in Zurich Switzerland.
  • Qatar will host 2019 and 2020 fifa world cup.
  • A joint exercise between Indian air force and indian army was recently conducted in Punjab.
  • A new anti ship version of supersonic cruise missile Brahmos was tested from integrated test range in odisha has maximum of 290 km.
  • India and france will do the joint military exercise Garuda in france this year.
  • CII has launched launch fiscal performance index (FPI) to asses state and central budgets.
  • Gujrat became the first state to launch emission trading scheme(ETS).
  • Wipro will acquire US-based international techne group incorporated (ITS) for USD 45 million(312 crore).
  • Delhi metro became the first indian state to receive power from waste to energy.
  • World food safety day was observed on 7 june.
  • World ocean day was on 8 june.
  • Union minister of commerce and industry and railways mr.Piyushgoyal will be the leading delegation for the G-20 ministerial meeting on trade and digital Tsukuba city ,Japan.
  • It industry icon Azitpremji will retire as executive chairman of wipro with effect from 30thjuly this year.
  • Prayuthchan-ocha elected as prime minister of Thailand.
  • Kumar iyer has been appointed by the uk government as the chief economist of foreign and commonwealth office.
  • 3 indian origin womnjayshreeullal ,neerjasethi and nehanarkhedehave been included among Americas 80 richest self made women  by 
  • According to a international report by international data corporation indian software market will hike 14% each year and will touch $6.1 billion by end of 2019.

Important articles

Global hunger– it is directly linked to the poverty , according to a report 871 million peoples all round the globe have no sufficient food to feed themselves. This is the situation which is rising day by day and the worst scenario is expected to be happened in the upcoming years as the resources are being deploying day by day and there are large number of population crowd which is the main reason for the rising of the hungry peoples all round the globe . As the agricultural land is being deploying day by day by rising infrastructure and lowering water availability in the agricultural fields and also various people cannot afford daily food so this figure is rising day by day. Africa, India , china ,Pakistan Bangladesh are facing the worst scenario in this. A effective measure must be taken to tackle this as it is the basic need of human to get drinking water and daily food which is the body need .when a  person is getting lower than 1800 calories per day then he/she will be counted as hunger. Malnutrition is basically referred to under nutrition and over nutrition both. All countries must come together as fight with this serious concern first to spread happiness all round the globe.