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Latest Current Affairs Questions 2020

1. Who presented awards to 21 winners on National Science day ?

  1. President
  2. Prime Minister
  3. Home Minister
  4. None of above

Correct Answer :- Option A

Explanation :-President presented awards to 21 winners on National Science day. Ram Nath Kovind, Presidentof India conferred national awards to 21 winners for popularization and science communication including women excellence awards for all the meritorious women scientists on the occasion of National Science Day.The 21 awards included National Science and Technology Communication Awards, Augmenting Writing Skills for Articulating Research – AWSAR Awards, National Award for Young Woman Showing Excellence through Application of Technology for Societal Benefits and SERB Women Excellence Awards.On the occasion of National Science Day President Ram Nath Kovind announced 3 key initiatives for Gender Advancement and Equality in Academic and Research Institutions in India. The first initiative is Vigyan Jyoti . Vigyan Jyoti is an initiative that will help to create a level playing field for the scholar  girls in high school to pursue Engineering,Mathematics Science and Technology, – STEM  in their higher education.The second initiative is Gender Advancement for Transforming Institutions – GATI. The Gender Advancement for Transforming Institutions – GATI initiative will help to develop a comprehensive Charter as well as a framework for assessing and empowering the Gender Equality in STEM. The third initiative is online portal for science and technology resources for women .An online website or portal for science and technology resources for women will be provided. It will have all e-resources related to all women related government schemes, career counseling, scholarships, fellowships, with complete details of subject area experts from various sections in science and technology.

2. When is World rare disease day observed ?

  1. 27th February 2020
  2. 28th February 2020
  3. 29th February 2020
  4. 1st March 2020

Correct Answer :- Option C

Explanation :-World rare disease day is observed on 29th February this year. World rare disease day is observed on 28th February every year and on 29th February in case of leap year ( last day of February). The World rare disease day basically  aims to raise awareness for the millions of people who are impacted by any of the rare disease across the globe. It also aims to educate people about these rare diseases and their consequences.The theme of the World rare disease day was – “Reframe Rare”. The theme of World rare disease encourages people around to take certain steps to clarify most of the misconceptions that can make the people suffering with rare diseases feel isolated and hence affect the quality of support and care that they receive. The Slogan for World rare disease 2020 is – “Rare is Many. Rare is Strong. Rare is Proud.”Any of the disease that affects fewer than 200,000 people across globe is considered as a rare disease in the US. This definition is been derived from the Orphan Drug Act of 1983. There are around more than 7,000 rare diseases that had affected 25 to 30 million Americans till date. 1 in 20 people in United State are dealing with a rare disease. These people struggle to even receive a proper diagnosis and to  find information and get needed treatment.The official sponsor for World rare disease 2020  is the National Organization for Rare Disorders – NORD in the US and EURORDIS. The sponsors had organized the official international campaign.

3. Which country is to withdraw from UNHRC resolution on war crimes ?

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Pakistan
  3. India
  4. United States

Correct Answer :- Option A

Explanation :-Sri Lanka is to withdraw from UNHRC resolution on war crimes. Sri Lanka had formally announced to United Nations Human Rights Council – UNHRC that it will be withdrawing from the UN resolution on post war reconciliation and accountability . This announcement was made by Dinesh Gunawardena,  Minister of Foreign Relations. The announcement was madeat Geneva. Sri Lanka had announced its withdrawal from co-sponsorship of Resolution 40/1 on accountability ,Promoting reconciliation, and human rights in the country.

4. Where was the 11th National KVK Conference 2020 held ?

  1. Mumbai
  2. Hyderabad
  3. New Delhi
  4. Pune

Correct Answer :- Option C

Explanation :-the 11th National KVK Conference 2020 was held in New Delhi. The Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar had inaugurated the 11th  National Krishi Vigyan Kendra – KVK Conference 2020 on 28th February 2020 in New Delhi. The conference directed Krishi Vigyan Kendra – KVKs to serve not only the resourceful ,affluent, and Progressive farmers in the country but also to focus on the small and deprived farmers. The Krishi Vigyan Kendra – KVKS basically aims to provide various types of farm support to the agricultural sector. These products are been provided at the district level and also implements the On farm testing in order to assess the location specificity of agricultural technologies under different farming systems.

5. For Which Union Territory has Cabinet approved occupancy rights to Scheduled Tribes ?

  1. Lakshadweep
  2. Jammu and Kashmir
  3. Pondicherry
  4. Daman and Diu

Correct Answer :- Option A

Explanation :-Cabinet approved occupancy rights to Scheduled Tribes of Lakshadweep. The Union Cabinet has approved the amendment of the Minicoy, Laccadive, and Amindivi Islands Land Revenue and Tenancy Regulation, 1965. The amendment will beconferring to the occupancy rights to the Scheduled Tribe – ST population in the union territory – UT of Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep island mainly consist of the Scheduled Tribes -ST population and they did not have occupancy rights,The amendment will henceforth give them occupancy rights. It will be thus supporting  the tribal community of the region- Lakshadweep island.The amendment thus justifies the part of the good governance steps of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.According to the 2011 census, the Scheduled Tribes -ST population is high in the State of Mizoram and Union Territory- Lakshadweep. Also, it had stated that the state of  Punjab and Haryana had 0% ST Community. The report confirmed  that Lakshadweep has around 11,574 households and  a population of  around 64,473 out of which 33,123 are males gender and remaining  31,350 are females.

6. When is Central Consumer Protection Authority to be established in the country ?

  1. 2023
  2. 2022
  3. 2021
  4. 2020

Correct Answer :- Option D

Explanation :-Central Consumer Protection Authority to be established in the country in the year of 2020.Ram Vilas Paswan, Union Minister of Food and Public Distribution had announced that the Central Consumer Protection Authority – CCPA  will be set up by the 1st week of April 2020.The Central Consumer Protection Authority- CCPA is going to be established under the Consumer Protection Act 2019.The authority will be addressing the issues as related to unfair trade practices, consumer rights and misleading advertisements. Central Consumer Protection Authority-CCPA will be supported to impose penalties for selling the spurious and adulterated products. It also had an investigative wing which will be formed under the aegis of the concerned authority. It basically deals with the inquiries which are related to unfair trade practices and also  misleading advertisements.

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