How to Crack Government Jobs Exams without Coaching

How to Prepare for Government Jobs

We have been preparing for high end exams all our lives. Remember 10th standard boards? How hard it was to battle the cyclone of preparation. And just when we thought the storm has passed while very patiently taking off the armour full of chinks, we were again hit by the tornado of 12th boards only this time realizing that this one is bigger and tougher. And that’s how all the further exam are, each bigger and tougher than the last one. But why do we work that hard just to crack a big exam?  The answer lies in the question itself as the ‘big exam’ carries a lot of credit in terms of making a bright and fruitful career. The bigger the exam, the better the recognition. We put so much effort into those exams so that we can strike the right percentage that could get us a little closer to our dream career. Speaking of the ‘dream career’, what exactly should be the qualities of a ‘dream career/job’ then? Let’s make a list:

  • Job security
  • Good salary.
  • Fix working hours.
  • Fairly good holidays.

How To Prepare For Govt Jobs | Create The Master Plan To Crack Govt Job Exam:

If the above mentioned list matches with your wish list then, government jobs are nothing short of a dream come true for you. But a dream is never too easy to achieve, the more you loyally work towards your dream the more it will come closer to you. It’s the exam battle all over again that you have to face with your armour on and to make sure that you come victoriously at the end of it. Here are 6 things that you can follow to make your dream of government job come true.

Fix your goal: There are numerous government jobs that are available according to the qualification and efficiency of the candidates. As different types of jobs need different types of qualifications, you must know which one suited best for your qualification. Once the job you want to go for is fixed then start preparing for the exam of that particular job as different exams needs different preparation. The level of preparation differs according to the posts. Say for example, UPSC exam needs much more time and preparations than say SBI clerk. Also, each exam has its own syllabus, working according to the syllabus can help a lot to stay sorted and focused towards the ambition.

Make a schedule: There is a huge syllabus that is needed to be covered before the exams. Minimum 6 to 7 hours a day should be dedicated for the preparation. You could systematically divide different subjects in different time slots in order to have a concrete hold on the subject. Making a time table not only makes the learning process effective but also helps a lot to cover the ocean wide syllabus in time.

Work on your weak points: There are only handfuls of people who are excellent at every single thing they do. But sadly most of us are not as good as them. As govt. exams have many subjects it is very important that we should have, if not the best but a better understanding of all the subjects. However, it is not always possible to have a good grip on all the subjects. But we can work on that particular subject that we feel we are not confident enough, more. As one say, “practice makes a man perfect”, an aspirant must dedicate more time and practice to work on those weak points. With dedication, time, practice and patience soon your weak subject will transform into if subject of your choice. You can buy books, seek the internet or consult a teacher to better the weak links. Which at the end of the make you fetch more marks.

Read newspaper regularly: It is very important for a govt. job aspirant to stay updated with the happenings around the world. A huge chunk of marks is dedicated to ‘general awareness’ in most of the govt. exams. Reading one or more than one newspaper regularly will not only help you to keep yourself updated and have a better understanding of the world but also make you score marks in the preliminary examination. And as reading also provokes your own views and understanding of the system you are surrounded with, it will also help you a lot in the mains and the interview round.

Use the best of Internet and books: It will be a shame if we don’t make the most of internet in this age and time. With so many materials available all over the internet it would be really hard not to find a solution of a problem. With online tutorials and numerous materials everything is on internet. You can subscribe to a channel to get free video tutorials online, even you can get the updates of latest job vacancies just a click away. Not only that, you take online exams set in an exact pattern and time of an actual govt. exam. This will help your measure you your ability to give exams under pressure. Also giving online exams again and again will boost your confidence. Still, if you are not that internet savvy you can always take resort to the wise old books. Books will never fail you; there are thousands of books available in the markets that are custom made for govt. job aspirants. You can set a timer and practice previous years or potential questions for next exam loyally from books.

Seek help of coaching centers: After all of this if you find the above mentioned things are too much for you to handle, then there is one more solution. You can seek the help of any institution that provide coaching for government job aspirants. Having an instructor will aid you to have a clarity about which direction to go. A teacher will know your abilities and should give you a perspective about suitable jobs for you. Coaching will compel you to practice more and in time. Also it will provide you required information and materials that would help you crack the exam better.

How To Prepare Government Jobs | Evaluate Exam Patterns:

You should have complete information about the exam pattern related to the government job you are preparing for. Exam pattern is not the same as any exam, so you should have complete knowledge about it. Candidates should be aware of different sections and should be prepared from the same way.

How To Prepare Government Jobs | Know about the selection process:

If you are preparing for a government job then you should have complete knowledge about it. You should also have complete information about their selection process. Candidates should understand all the steps of selection process. To prepare for any government job, it is equally important to take full information about it as much as it is to participate in that examination. The selection process for each exam is also different so everyone can not be assessed by any one exam.

How To Prepare Govt Jobs | Knowledge of Syllabus:

After knowing the selection process and examination pattern, candidates must also have complete knowledge about the course of the examination. Most importantly, the exam that you are preparing for is going to strengthen, and which of the topics has been included in it. Until then you will not be aware of it till then you will not be able to prepare for the government. Therefore it is very important to have complete knowledge about the exams you want to participate in.

As great Dr. A.P.J Adulkalam said, “if you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun”, we really should put our heart and soul into the dreams we want to achieve so that, only hard work can turn a dream into reality. Because it is only hard work that pays off at the end and make you shine bright like a sun.

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