Important 100 GK (General knowledge) Questions and Answers for upcoming Exams

Here are the most important General Knowledge (GK) questions and answers. T9schools present top 100 gk questions and answers for upcoming gov exams like SSC Exams, SSC MTS, MTS Exams, IBPS Clerk and PO, Other Bank exams like SBI Bank clerk and SBI Bank PO exams, NDA, CDS, Indian Army, Police exams , Civil services and other Gov jobs exams. Also these GK questions are important for students who are preparing for medical exams like AFMC . Please read below important GK questions and answers carefully

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Q.        The chief defect of the Monistic Theory of Sovereignty is that-

1          It requires obedience from the bulk of the people

2          It is anti-democratic

3          It explains the legal nature of sovereignty

4          It reposes all powers in a determinate human superior


Q.        The Indian Constitution provides for the joint sittings of both Houses of Parliament in connection with-

1          Election of the Vice-President of India

2          Finance bill

3          Ordinary bill

4          Constitution amendment bill


Q.        Who wrote the Book- “Four Essays on Liberty”.

1          Herbert Spencer

2          J. S. Mill

3          Ernest Barker

4          Isaish Berlin


Q.        Which one of the following was the chief exponent of the pluralistic theory of Sovereignty?

1          Bentham

            2          Bodin

            3          Austin

            4          Laski


Q.        The method of amending the constitution by popular Veto is found in-

1          Britain

2          Switzerland

3          Russia

4          India


Q.        Which of the following is not in conformity with Marxism?

1          The state is an instrument of oppression

2          The state will wither away

3          Religion is an opium for the people

4          The state is a necessary evil


Q.        Which one of the following is not correct?

1          The council of minister is collectively responsible to the Lok Sabha

2          A minister who is not a member of either house continues to be minister even after the expiration of six months

3          Ministers hold office during the pleasure of the President

4          Salaries of ministers are specified in the second schedule


Q.        Which of the following states was the first to establish the Panchayat Raj institutions in India?

1          Rajasthan

2          Maharashtra

3          Bihar

4          U.P.


Q.        The Hobbesian contract was-

1          Between the people and Leviathan

2          Between the society and Leviathan

3          Among men living in the state of nature

4          Between leaders and Leviathan


Q.        Who among the following was associated with the Swaraj Party?

1          Dr. Rajendra Prasad

            2          Sardar Patel

            3          Motilal Nehru

            4          Jawaharlal Nehru


Q.        Neo-Liberal theory of Democracy is a-

1          Rejection of classical theory of democracy

2          Modification of classical theory of democracy

3          Mutilation of classical theory of democracy

4          None of these


Q.        The advice tendered by Supreme Court to the President of India-

1          Is binding on him

2          Is not binding on him

3          Is binding in context of certain matters

4          None of the above


Q.        Arrange the following in the same order as they figure in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution-

i)Sovereign ii)Socialist

iii)Republic iv) Secular

1          (i), (ii), (iv), (v), (iii)

2          (iii), (iv), (v), (ii), (i)

3          (i), (iv), (ii), (v), (iii)

4          (i), (v), (iv), (ii), (iii)


Q.        An unwritten constitution usually consists of-

1          Customs and usage

2          Judicial decisions

3          Statutes enacted at different times

4          All the above


Q.        Which one of the following governments operates on the principle of ‘Collective Responsibility’?

1          Parliamentary

2          Presidential

3          Unitary

4          Federal


Q.        Constitutional Government means-

1          Government in accordance with the terms of the constitution

2          Rule of Law

3          Civil Rights

4          All of the Above


Q.        “Liberty is the positive power or capacity of doing or enjoying”. Who said this?

1          Socrates

2          Plato

3          Kant

4          Green


Q.        Lokayukta submits its report to the-

1          Chief Minister

2          Chief Justice of the High Court

3          Governor

4          Speaker of the Legislative Assembly


Q.        The disputes regarding the election of the President are decided by-

1          The Election Commission

2          The Supreme Court

3          The Rajya Sabha

4          The Parliament


Q.        Who stated, “the Leviathan is the greatest, perhaps the sole, master piece of political philosophy written in English language”?

1          Oakeshott

2          Dunning

3          Sabine

4          Barker


Q.        Which of the following is the inalienable attribute of the parliamentary system of government?

1          Flexibility of the Constitution

2          Fusion of Executive and Legislature

3          Judicial Supremacy

4          Parliamentary Sovereignty


Q.        Which one of the following is not a function of Pressure Groups?

1          Contesting elections to form government

2          Helping candidates favourable to them in getting elected

3          Influencing public opinion to secure its support

4          Influencing public opinion to secure its support


Q.        Which one of the following offices is found only in a Parliamentary From of Government?

1          President

2          Vice-President

3          Prime Minister

4          King


Q.        Which of the following commission was appointed to examine the centre-state relations in India?

1          Kothari Commission

2          Shah Commission

3          Sarkaria Commission

4          Mandal Commission


Q.        The most acceptable theory of the origin of the state is-

1          Force theory

2          Social contract theory

3          Evolutionary theory

4          Divine origin theory


Q.        In increasing sequence, the major elements present in the human body are

1          Calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus

2          Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur

3          Calcium, iron, sodium, sulphur

4          Calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron


Q.        The image formed on the retina of a human eye is

1          Real and upright

2          Real and inverted

3          Imaginary and upright

4          Imaginary and inverted


Q.        Radioactive element which has been found to have large reserves in India is

1          Uranium

            2          Thorium

            3          Radium

            4          Plutonium



Q.        The abbreviation GBI recently came into news. It stands for-

1          Generation Based Incentive

2          Gorshkov Budgetary Incentives

3          Group of Bureau of Intelligence

4          None of the above


Q.        Which of the following Parliamentary Standing Committees has recently recommended 33% reservation to women in legislatures?

1          Public Accounts Committee

2          Committee on Subordinate Legislation

3          Business Advisory Committee

4          Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice


Q.        P. D. Dinakaran who hogged the headlines in newspapers and against whom the Rajya Sabha recently admitted motion seeking his removal is the Chief Justice of

1          Kerala High Court

2          Karnataka High Court

3          Andhra Pradesh High Court

4          Orissa High Court


Q.        Which of the following is an example of a plant that bears seeds but not fruits?

1          Cotton plant

2          Peepal tree

3          Eucalyptus tree

4          Pine tree


Q.        Which one of the following grows under the tree?

1          Cabbage

2          Bengal gram

3          Peanuts

4          Castor


Q.        Biological fixation of nitrogen occurs most commonly in which of the following crops?

1          Pulses

2          Rice

3          Wheat

4          None of these


Q.        Which disease is more common among agricultural workers as compared to urban population?

1          Lung’s disease

2          Cirrhosis of liver

3          Hookworm infection

4          Cancer


Q.        Which of the following is not a ‘Free Trade Zone’?

1          Kandla

            2          Mumbai

            3          Visakhapatnam

            4          Trivandrum


Q.        In India, Plan holiday was after

1          China-India war of 1962

2          Drought of 1966

3          Pakistan war of 1971

4          Pakistan war of 1965


Q.        The shompens are the tribal people of

1          Andaman

2          Nicobar

3          Lakshadweep

4          None of these


Q.        FIFA is an organization working in the field of

1          Banking

2          Textiles

3          Power Generation

4          Sports


Q.        Which of the following is the currency of Spain?

1          Dollar

2          Pound

3          Yen

4          Euro



Q.        The Reserve Bank of India does not print currency notes of the denomination of Rs.-

1          20

2          50

3          3,000

4          1,000


Q.        The cooperative movement in which of the following fields has achieved a great visible success in India?

1          Milk production

2          Banking sector

3          Textile sector

4          Cotton production


Q.        Financial year in Banks is a period between

1          January to December

2          May to June

3          April to March

4          January to April


Q.        What is the full form of NFSM, an initiative of the National Development Council of India?

1          New Food Security Mechanism

2          National Food Security Management

3          New Fastest Space Missile

4          None of these


Q.        “Azlan Shah Cup” is associated with the game of

1          Cricket

2          Hockey

3          Badminton

4          Table Tennis


Q.        World famous tennis star Rafael Nadal is from which of the following counties?

1          USA

2          Spain

3          Germany

4          Italy


Q.        Union Government provides subsidy on which of the following commodities in India?

1) Fertilizers 2) Seeds

3) Tractors

1          Only A

2          Only B

3          Only C

4          Only B & C


Q.        As per the news in major newspapers Iran has agreed to welcome talks with world powers after a deadlock of several months. Which of the following is the major issue over which Iran has a difference with the most of the world powers? Its

1          Nuclear Programme

2          Dispute with Iraq on several oil fields

3          Views on subsidy on agro products

4          Claim to have permanent seat in UN Security Council


Q.        After a long cold war of several decades Taiwan recently signed an agreement to expand air links and accept main land investment with which of the following countries in its neighbourhood?

1          India

2          China

3          Malaysia

4          Indonesia


Q.        As per the news in all major newspapers, the African National Congress (ANC) got an overwhelming victory in the general elections held recently in

1          Ghana

2          Uganda

3          South Africa

4          Kenya


Q.        Who amongst the following is not a Padma Award winner given in 2009?

1          Mr. Sundarlal Bahuguna

2          Mr. Abhinav Bindra

3          Ms. Aruna Sairam

4          Mr. Manoj Kumar


Q.        The Government of India recently decided to finalise a big defence deal of Rs. 45000 crore for which finally five contenders are shortlisted. This deal is to purchase

1          Fighter jets

2          Radar system

3          Battle tanks

4          Warships


Q.        India and Russia recently signed an agreement so that India can get a supply of Uranium fuel from Russia. Uranium is used in which of the following sectors?

1          Pharma Sector

2          Transport Sector

3          Telecom Sector

4          Energy Sector


Q.        Which of the following States is amongst the top five power selling States in India?

1          Meghalaya

            2          Chhattisgarh

            3          Maharashtra

            4          Kerala


Q.        As per the reports the Indo-Pak Trade reached at about which of the following levels during 200809? About

1          Rs. 200 crores

2          Rs. 300 crores

3          Rs. 400 crores

4          Rs. 500 crores


Q.        Which of the following countries wanted to come back again as an active member of the Organisation of American States after its expulsion from there several years back? (The summit of the same was organized in April 2009)

1          Cuba

2          Brazil

3          Argentina

4          Thrkey


Q.        India recently finalised its National Solar Mission. The mission envisages an installed solar energy generation capacity of  about-

1          5000 MW (by 2030)

2          100000 MW (by 2030)

3          15000 MW (by 2030)

4          20000 MW (by 2030)


Q.        Who amongst the following is the winner of the prestigious “Dadasaheb Phalke Award” given in April 2009?

1          Manoj Kumar

2          Rajesh Khanna

3          Amitabh Bachchan

4          Jaya Bachchan


Q.        Who amongst the following is the author of the book (released recently) “India and Global Financial Crisis: Managing Money and Finance”

1          Dr. Bimal Jalan

            2          Dr. C. Rangarajan

            3          Mr. Pranab Mukherjee

4          Dr. Y. V. Reddy


Q.        The President of India recently signed three key trade agreements with a country whose Prime Minister is Mr. J.L.R. Zapatero belongs to which of the following countries?

1          Spain

2          Mexico

3          Italy

4          Greece


Q.        The telecom industry of which of the following countries made a world record by adding about 16 million new subscribers in just one month (March 2009)?

1          China

2          Iran

3          Indian

4          South Africa


Q.        Which of the following is a very well known name in the field of Banking in India?

1          Ms. Meira Kumar

            2          Ms. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

            3          Mr. Arum Jaitley

4          Dr. D. Subbarao


Q.        Olympic Games are organised after a gap of every

1          two years

2          three years

3          four years

4          five years


Q.        Which of the following is considered as the financial capital of India?

1          New Delhi

2          Kolkata

3          Bengaluru

4          Mumbai


Q.        “Astra” which was in news in recent past is the name of a newly developed-

1          Air-to-air Missile

2          Battle Tank

3          Spy Rocket

4          Submarine


Q.        Which of the following is the short from of the name of the Indian Space Shuttle which puts various satellites into orbit?

1          RISAT

            2          PSLV

            3          ANUSAT

            4          ISRO


Q.        Which of the following apex body and regulators has asked banks to swap customer related information so that the frauds and defaults may be prevented in future?

1          Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

2          Indian Banks Association (IBA)

3          Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

4          Reserve Bank of India (RBI)


Q.        Kailash Vajpayi has been honoured with Sahitya Akademi Award 2009 for his poetry-

1          Chitralipi

2          Hawa Mein Hastakshar

3          Draupadi

4          Geet Sarovar


Q.        Vasudhi Award for best environmental short film/documentary has been conferred at the recently held International Film Festival in Panaji on-

1          Underground Inferno

2          Meltdown in Tibet

3          Both of the above

4          None of the above


Q.        The film which bagged top prize at the International Film Festival of India is-

1          The Other Bank

2          I Can’t Live Without You

3          A Brand New Life

4          None of the above


Q.        The person of Indian Origin American who has been nominated to head the US Agency for International Development (USAID)             is-

1          Indira Nooyi

2          Rajiv Shah

3          Nikhil Kumar

4          None of the above


Q.        The Leaders of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha respectively are-

1          L. K. Advani and Murali Manohar Joshi

2          Sushma Swaraj and Jaswant Singh

3          Murali Manohar Joshi and Arun Jaitley

4          Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley


Q.        Which of the following Indian states in December 2009 unveiled New Biotech Policy II?

1          Andhra Pradesh

            2          Karnataka

            3          Orissa

            4          West Bengal


Q.        Recently which of the following countries made purchase of renewable energy mandatory by electricity grid companies?

1          China

2          India

3          Russia

4          Thailand


Q.        ‘Wise’ recently came into news. It is-

1          A novel written by Barack Obama

2          NASA’s new space telescope

3          A Government of India welfare programme for the mentally challenged

4          None of the above


Q.        The world’s largest crude exporter is-

1          China

2          USA

3          Russia

4          Japan


Q.        Which of the following groups of countries recently inaugurated gas pipeline?

1          Indian-Iran

            2          China-Kazakhstan

            3          Iran-Pakistan

            4          India-Pakistan


Q.        How many Gulf Arab States put into force a monetary pact on December 15, 2009 proposing the launch of a single regional currency soon?

1          Six Gulf Arab States

2          Seven Gulf Arab States

3          Ten Gulf Arab States

4          None of the above


Q.        On December 15, 2009 an important bill was introduced in US House of Representative. The bill was on-

1          Labour Reforms

2          Migrant Reforms

3          Balance of Trade

4          None of the above


Q.        Sajjil-2 is long-range missile recently test fired by-

1          Kuwait

            2          N. Korea

            3          Pakistan

            4          Iran


Q.        In October 2009 George Papandreou took over as Prime Minister of-

1          Czech Republic

2          Austria

3          Poland

4          Hungary


Q.        In September-October 2009 which of the following countries was badly affected by a series of typhoons causing deaths of 1000 people?

1          Jamaica

2          Chile

3          Qatar

4          Philippines


Q.        The next annual UN climate change conference will be held towards the end of 2010 in-

1          Havana

2          Doha

3          Mexico City

4          Moscow


Q.        India proposes to sign Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with-

1          China

2          Japan

3          Thailand

4          Indonesia


Q.        The Japanese investment in India in 2008 stood at-

1          $6.2 billion

2          $3 billion

3          $3.65 billion

4          $5.22 billion


Q.        During Dr. Manmohan Singh’s visit to Russia in December 2009, the total number of agreements signed between the two countries (India and Russia) is-

1          Seven

2          Six

3          Five

4          Four


Q.        At Kudankulam, Russia proposes to build a total of-

1          Six reactors

2          Four reactors

3          Seven reactors

4          Three reactors


Q.        Which of the following is not among the eight India Origin CEOs at Big U.S. Companies in recently released Forbes’ report?

1          Vikram Pandit

2          Francisco D. Souza

3          Indra Nooyi

4          Kiran Mazumdar Shaw


Q.        Bhutan is producing about 1,500 Megawatt from its existing power projects. What per cent of this production of power does it sell to India?

1          60%

2          50%

3          80%

4          45%


Q.        India recently agreed to fund a quarter of Rs. 14,800 crore which is amount of Tenth Plan outlay of-

1          Nepal

2          Bhutan

3          Myanmar

4          Bangladesh


Q.        Recently India signed an agreement for collaboration on road sector with-

1          Indonesia

2          Myanmar

3          Sri Lanka

4          Malaysia


Q.        The lone aircraft career of India is-

1          INS Viraat

            2          INS Arihant

            3          IAF Sukhoi

            4          None of the above


Q.        ULFA Chief Arabind Rajkhowa was arrested in December 2009 in-

1          Nepal

2          Bhutan

3          India

4          Bangladesh



Q.        The thinkers who believe that ‘state is an association of associations’ are called-

1          Socialists

2          Federalists

3          Anarchists

4          Pluralists


Q.        Who has called political parties ‘broker of ideas’?

1          Bryce

2          Lowell

3          MacIver

4          Mitchel


Q.        The book ‘A Theory of Justice’ is authored by-

1          John Locke

2          John Rawls

3          John Austin

4          Plato


Q.        Gandhi lays stress on-

1          Spiritualisation of politics

2          Religiousation of politics

3          Decentralisation of politics

4          None of the above


Q.        In July 2009 which of the following cities came into news for hooch tragedy causing the deaths of 130 people?

1          Jaipur

            2          Ahmedabad

            3          Kanpur

            4          Vadodara


Q.        Gangubai Hangal who died in 2009 was a-

1          Famous Theatre Personality

2          Icon of Indian Classical Music

3          Doyen of Hindustani Vocal Music

4          Popular Kannad Actress


Q.        The ship-based anti-surface missile successfully launched recently is-

1          Prithvi

            2          Aakash

            3          Dhanush

            4          Naag



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