Important Current Affairs Questions for IBPS Clerk & PO

Question 1

Saakshar Bharat Awards 2014 was presented by President on ____.

a) International Literacy Day

b) International Charity Day

c) Engineer’s Day

d) Teacher’s Day

Answer : a) International Literacy Day

Question 2

Author of the book “50 years of man in space” is ____.

a) Garik Israelien

b) Brian May

c) David J Eicher

d) All the above

Answer : d) All the above

Question 3

Asian games is to be held in ____.

a) Guangzhou, China

b) Busan, South Korea

c) Incheon, South Korea

d) Bangkok, Thailand

Answer : c) Incheon, South Korea

Question 4

Uttarakhand Government declared Sep 9 as _____.

a) Hindi Diwas

b) Himalya Diwas

c) Mahila Diwas

d) Ganges Diwas

Answer : b) Himalya Diwas

Question 5

First Indian to visit stratosphere is _____.

a) Joseph Kittinger

b) Felix Baumgartner

c) TN Suresh Kumar

d) None of these

Answer : c) TN Suresh Kumar

Question 6

Know Your Rights (KYR) portal was launched by _____.

a) Ministry of Finance

b) Ministry of Civil Aviation

c) Ministry of Law & Justice

d) Ministry of Labour & Employment

Answer : b) Ministry of Civil Aviation

Question 7

India agreed to cooperate in skill development, solid waste management and cleaning of rivers with _____.

a) Russia

b) China

c) Germany

d) Nepal

Answer : c) Germany

Question 8

U.S. Tennis Open men’s doubles title was won by ____.

a) Marc Lopez and Marcel Granollers

b) James Dwight and Richard Sears

c) Scott Lipsky and Rajeev Ram

d) Mike and Bob Bryan

Answer : d) Mike and Bob Bryan

Question 9

The professional snooker who announced to retire is ____.

a) Pankaj Advani

b) Manish Jain

c) Lucky Vatnani

d) Anuja Thakur

Answer : a) Pankaj Advani

Question 10

Executive Director of World Bank is _____.

a) MN Prasad

b) Sundaran Annamalai

c) Subhash Chandra Garg

d) None of these

Answer : c) Subhash Chandra Garg

Question 11

Cardless Cash Withdrawal service is launched by ____.

a) Axis

b) SBI

c) PNB


Answer : d) ICICI

Question 12

The new MD & CEO of Tata Technologies is ____.

a) Patrick McGoldrick

b) Warren Harris

c) N Chandrasekaran

d) OP Bhatt

Answer : b) Warren Harris

Question 13

The youngest sailor at the Asian Games 2014 is _____.

a) Sandip Jain

b) Pankaj Kumar

c) Brijraj Verma

d) Chitresh Tatha

Answer : d) Chitresh Tatha

Question 14

Rays Power to set up 50 MW solar park in _____.

a) Tamilnadu

b) Karnataka

c) Andhra Pradesh

d) Kerala

Answer : c) Andhra Pradesh

Question 15

Bangladesh and Timor-Leste honoured with Excellence in Public Health by _____.

a) WHO



d) UNO

Answer : a) WHO

Question 16

The upper age limit of MD & CEO of Private Sector Banks will be fixed by RBI to ____ years.

a) 65

b) 68

c) 70

d) 72

Answer : c) 70

Question 17

SBI Bank celebrated 150 years of operation in ______.

a) Nepal

b) Bangladesh

c) Bhutan

d) Srilanka

Answer : d) Srilanka

Question 18

The new chairman of the Advertising Standards Council of India is _____.

a) Benoy Roy Chawdhuri

b) Narendra Ambwani

c) Shashidhar Sinha

d) Partha Rakshit

Answer : b) Narendra Ambwani

Question 19

The young Indian shuttler who won Indonesian Badminton Masters Grand Prix Gold is _____.

a) HS Prannoy

b) Firman Abdul Kholik

c) Arvind Bhat

d) None of these

Answer : a) HS Prannoy

Question 20

National Hindi Divas (Hindi Day) was observed on _____.

a) Sep 10

b) Sep 14

c) Sep 16

d) Sep 18

Answer : b) Sep 14

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