Important GK Questions for upcoming Gov Exams : 100 Most important Questions

T9Schools present most important GK (GENERAL KNOWLEDGE) Questions for upcoming gov exams. These General knowledge questions are important for upcoming bank exams like IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS other exams, RBI Exams, RRB, SSC, NDA, POLICE LIKE DELHI POLICE, UP Police, MP Police, UA Police, Rajasthan Police and all other Indian states police exams, INDIAN ARMY Exams. Also these GK questions are important for Civil services exams

Q.        The term Grand Slam is associated with

1          Billiards

2          Chess

3          Cricket

4          Bridge & Tennis


Q.        The oceans cover ——– of the surface of the earth

1          71%

2          60%

3          81%

4          90%


Q.        “James Bond” is a character created by

1          Ian Fleming

2          Perry Masion

3          Agatha Christie

4          Wode House


Q.        Acupuncture is widely practised in

1          India

2          America

3          China

4          Germany


Q.        The term 16 yards hit is associated with

1          Polo

2          Hockey

3          Baseball

4          Badminton


Q.        Largest river in the world is

1          Nile

2          Brahmaputra

3          Amazon

4          Mississippi


Q.        Lines on a map, where pressures are equal, are called

1          Longitudes

2          Latitudes

3          Isobars

4          Isotopes


Q.        All revenues received and loans raised by the Union Government go into

1          Public Accounts of India

2          Consolidated Fund of India

3          Contingency Fund of India

4          None of these


Q.        Which of the following cities of India is called the “Silicon Valley of India”?

1          Hyderabad

2          Bangalore

3          Mumbai

4          Chennai


Q.        The role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis is

1          Absorption of water

2          Absorption of light

3          Absorption of Co2

4          None of these


Q.        Herbicides are chemicals which control

1          Fungi

2          Weeds

3          Nematodes

4          Insects


Q.        Which one of the following ensures personal freedom?

1          Mandamus

2          Habeas Corpus

3          Quo Warranto

4          None of These


Q.        The first Europeans to start trade relations with India were the

1          Portuguese

2          British

3          French

4          Dutch


Q.        Process of breeding fish in ponds and artificial reservoirs is known as

1          Aquaculture

2          Fishing

3          Apiculture

4          Pisciculture


Q.        Why does diamond shine at night?

1          Diamonds are radioactive so there are radiations

2          On account of high refractive index, the rays of light get internally reflected

3          Diamonds shine because they have some amount of radium in the

4          Diamond shines because it has tetrahedral molecular structure


Q.        The International Court of Justice has

1          10 judges

2          15 judges

3          20 judges

4          25 judges


Q.        The Paralympic Games 2008 were held in

1          Tokyo

2          Madrid

3          Stockholm

4          Beijing


Q.        Non-conventional source of energy best suited for India is

1          Solar energy

2          Wind energy

3          Tidal wave energy

4          Nuclear energy


Q.        What is meat by myopia?

1          Long-sightedness

2          Short-sightedness

3          Colour blindness

4          Night blindness


Q.        As per census 2001, which of the following States has the lowest density of population?

1          Manipur

2          Meghalaya

3          Nagaland

4          Mizoram


Q.        The Chilka Lake region lies in between the deltas of

1          Ganga & Mahanadi

2          Godavari & Krishna

3          Mahanadi & Godavari

4          Krishna & Kaveri


Q.        Which of the following prizes is given by the UNESCO?

1          Magsaysay Award

2          Kalinga Prize

3          Booker Prize

4          Pulitzer Prize


Q.        The first electric railway was opened in

1          1853

2          1885

3          1905

4          1925


Q.        Which among the following is the most common element in the earth’s crust?

1          Hydrogen

            2          Oxygen

            3          Magnesium

            4          Aluminium


Q.        U Thant Award is given for

1          Contribution to east-est understanding

2          Community leadership

3          Social service

4          Journalism


Q.        Which of the following is correctly matched?

1          Gulbarga – Karnataka

2          Midnapur – Gujarat

3          Wardha – Madhya Pradesh

4          Cochin – Tamil Nadu


Q.        The State in India having dry season for only 3 to 4 months every year is

1          West Bengal

2          Kerala

3          Mizoram

4          Himachal Prades


Q.        Who among the following were popularly known as Red Shirts?

1          Congress Socialists

2          Members of Azad Hind Fauj

3          Khudai Khidmatgars

4          People led by Rami Gaidinliu


Q.        The Barrah dacoity was the first major venture of the revolutionary terrorists of the freedom movement in

1          The Madras Presidency

2          Punjab

3          Bomay-Karnataka

4          East Bengal


Q.        During the period of Renaissance, the new style of architecture first developed in

1          Italy

2          France

3          England

4          Germany


Q.        Who among the following was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India?

1          M. C. Setalvad

2          K. M. Munshi

3          Jawaharlal Nehru

            4          B. N. Rau


Q.        A common High Court for two or more states and/or Union Territories may be established by the

1          President

2          Parliament by making law

3          Governor of State

4          Chief Justice of India


Q.        Which of the following writs may be issued to enforce a Fundamental Right?

1          Habeas Corpus

2          Mandamus

3          Prohibition

4          Certiorari


Q.        Srinagar is situated on the bank of the river

1          Ravi

2          Sutlej

3          Jhelum

4          Chenab


Q.        Which of the following rivers does not form any delta at its mouth?

1          Cauvery

2          Mahanadi

3          Gadavari

4          Tapti


Q.        The canal joining Baltic Sea to North Sea is

1          Kiel Canal

2          Suez Canal

3          Panama Canal

4          None of these


Q.        Which of the following pairs is correct?

1          Bonn – Danube

2          Baghdad – Tigris

3          Rome – Seine

4          Paris – Tiber


Q.        High pressure subtropical calm belts known as `Horse Latitudes’ lies between

1          0° and 15°

2          20° and 25°

3          30° and 35°

4          None of these


Q.        On 22nd December, which of the following places has the largest day and shortest night?

1          Melbourne

2          Moscow

3          Madrid

4          Madras


Q.        ‘Abhinav Bharat’ was orgonised by

1          Bhai Parmanand

2          Khudiram Bose

3          Vir Savarkar

4          None of these


Q.        In 2010, China became the third country in the world to possess an anti satellite weapon system. The other two countries are

1          Germany and Russia

2          France and the USA

3          The USA and Germany

4          The USA and Russia


Q.        Which organisation collects data for the unorganised sector?

1          NSSO

2          CSO

3          ASI

4          RBI


Q.        Blue Revolution is related to

1          fish production

2          milk production

3          oil production

4          food production


Q.        Who was the first Test centurion in Indian Cricket?

1          Vinu Mankad

2          C. K. Naidu

3          Lala Amarnath

4          Pankaj Roy


Q.        From which of the following Upanishads the words “Satyameva Jayate” inscribed in Devanagari Script below the abacus of the State Emblem are?

1          Prashna

2          Mundaka

3          Mandukya

4          Ishavasya


Q.        Which country of the following has the largest Muslim population?

1          India

2          Pakistan

3          Indonesia

4          Saudi Arabia


Q.        The confluence of the river Alkananda and Bhagirathi is known as

1          Rudraprayag

2          Devaprayag

3          Haridwar

4          Kedarnath


Q.        Who is the author of the book “The Argumentative Indian”?

1          V. S. Naipaul

2          Vikram Seth

3          Sashi Tharoor

4          Amartya Sen


Q.        Who is the Chief Law Officer of the Government of India?

1          The Chief Justice of India

2          The Registrar of the Supreme Court

3          The Law Minister of India

4          The Attorney General of India


Q.        The sphere of living matter together with water, air and soil on the surface of the earth is known as

1          Lithosphere

2          Biosphere

3          Hydrosphere

4          Atmosphere


Q.        Where is Naptha Jhakri Power Project located?

1          Uttarakhand

            2          Arunachal Pradesh

            3          Himachal Pradesh

            4          Andhra Pradesh


Q.        Communal electorate in India was introduced through which of the following acts?

1          1909

2          1919

3          1935

4          None of these


Q.        Rowlatt Act was passed in the year

1          1917

2          1919

3          1921

4          1923


Q.        4th July, 1776 is important in world history because

1          Battle of Plassey started

2          Sea route to India was discovered

3          English King Charles II was executed

4          American congress adopted the Declaration of Independence


Q.        Which of the following pairs is correct?

1          Ashvaghosa – Vikramaditya

2          Banabhatta – Harshvardhan

3          Harisena – Kanishka

4          Kalidasa – Samudragupta


Q.        The sea route to India was discovered by the

1          Dutch

2          English

3          Portuguese

4          French


Q.        Sir Charles Wood’s Despatch of 1854 dealt with

1          Administrative reforms

2          Social reforms

3          Economic reforms

4          Educational reforms


Q.        The name of Lord Cornwallis is associated with the

1          Dual government

2          Maratha wars

3          System of subsidiary

4          Permanent settlement


Q.        Which was the first among the following?

1          Doctrine of Lapse

2          Subsidiary Alliance

3          Permanent Settlement

4          Double Government


Q.        Babur entered India for the first time from the west through

1          Kashmir

            2          Sind

            3          Punjab

            4          Rajasthan


Q.        “The Vedas contain all the truth” was interpreted by

1          Swami Vivekanand

2          Swami Dayanand

3          Swami Shraddhanand

4          S.Radhakrishnan


Q.        Which of the following battles changed the destiny of a Mughal ruler of India?

1          Haldighati

2          Panipat II

3          Khanua

4          Chusa


Q.        Who founded the philosophy of Pustimarga?

1          Chaitanya

2          Nanak

3          Surdas

4          Ballabhacharya



Q.        Which of the following is not the recommendation made by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Water Resources?
            1          Chalking out an innovative and dynamic strategy to enable states to adopt the Model Ground Water Bill

2          Reviewing the National Water Policy 2002 in view of looming thereat of climate change

3          Focusing on conservation of water minimizing wastage and equal distribution of water

4          To reject draft national Water Mission


Q.        Which city is famous for oranges?

1          Ratnagiri

2          Darjeeling

3          Nagpur

4          Lucknow


Q.        How may squares are there in a Chess Board?

1          36

2          48

3          64

4          72


Q.        Yakshagan is the famous dance form of the State of

1          Andhra Pradesh

            2          Orissa

            3          Karnataka

            4          Tamil Nadu


Q.        Who is the first Indian Field Marshal?

1          K. M. Kariappa

2          S.H.F.J. Manekshaw

3          K. Sunderji

4          None of those


Q.        Which is the capital of Manipur?

1          Dispur

2          Imphal

3          Agartala

4          None of these


Q.        IC chips used in computers are usually made of

1          Lead

2          Silicon

3          Chromium

4          Gold


Q.        The “stones” formed in human kidney consist mostly of

1          Calcium oxalate

2          Magnesium sulphate

3          Sodium chloride

4          Sodium phosphate


Q.        “City of Golden Gates” is

1          Hawan

2          San Francisco

3          London

4          Paris


Q.        The study which deals with secret writing is known as

1          Cryptography

2          Secretology

3          Cytography

4          Cryptology


Q.        The main contribution of the Chola dynasty in the field of administration lies in

1          Systematic provincial administration

2          A well planned revenue system

3          A well organised central government

4          An organised local self government


Q.        The black hole theory was discovered by

1          S. Chandrashekhar

            2          Har Gobind Khorana

            3          C. V. Raman

            4          S. Ramanujan


Q.        Of the total water on the earth, fresh water reserves constitute approximately

1          4.5%

2          2.7%

3          1.2%

4          5.8%


Q.        The magnetic effect of electric current was first observed by

1          Henry

2          Oersted

3          Faraday

4          Volta


Q.        The percentage of glucose present in the normal urine is

1          0.1%

2          2%

3          9.5%

4          0%


Q.        Jahangiri Mahal is located in

1          Delhi

            2          Fatehpur Sikri

            3          Agra Fort

            4          Sikandara


Q.        Both Mahavira and Buddha preached during the reign of

1          Ajatashatru

2          Bimbisara

3          Nandivardhan

4          Uday


Q.        Who were the immediate successors of the Imperial Mauryas in Magadha?

1          Kushanas

2          Pandyas

3          Satvahanas

4          Sungas


Q.        Who among the following was a leading exponent of Gandhian thoughts?

1          J. L. Nehru

            2          M. N. Roy

            3          Vinoba Bhave

4          Jayaprakash Narayan


Q.        The main external threat to the Sultanate of Delhi was posed by the

1          Mughals

2          Afghans

3          Iranians

4          None of these


Q.        Who founded the Hindu Shahi dynasty of Punjab?

1          Vasumitra

2          Kallar

3          Jayapala

4          Mahipala


Q.        Gupta empire declined in the fifth century A.D. as a consequence of

1          Chalukya raids

2          Greek invasion

3          Hun invasion

4          Pallava raids


Q.        Who wrote Mitakshara, a book on Hindu law?

1          Nayachandra

2          Amoghvarsa

3          Vijnaneswara

4          Kumban


Q.        What is the correct chronological order of the dynasties in which they invaded India?

1. Huns 2. Kushanas

3. Aryans 4. Greeks

1          4, 3, 2, 1

2          3, 4, 2, 1

3          4, 2, 3, 1

4          3, 4, 1, 2


Q.        The Political and cultural centre of the Pandyas was

1          Vengi

2          Madurai

3          Kanchipuram

4          Mahabalipuram


Q.        The first discourse of Buddha in Sarnath is called

1          Mahabhiniskraman

2          Mahaparinirvana

3          Mahamastakabhisheka

4          Dharmachakrapravartan


Q.        The first telegraph line between Calcutta and Agra was opened in

1          1852

2          1853

3          1854

4          1855


Q.        The relics of Indus Valley Civilisation indicates that the main occupation of the people was

1          Agriculture

2          Cattle rearing

3          Commerce

4          Hunting


Q.        Marish traveller, Ibn Batutah, came to India during the time of

1          Ala-ud-din Khilji

2          Firuz Shah Tughlaq

3          Balban

4          Muhammed bin Tughlaq


Q.        Ahilyabai was the queen of

1          Gwalior

2          Malwa

3          Jaipur

4          Bijapur


Q.        The ancient name of Bengal was

1          Kamrupa

2          Vasta

3          Gauda

4          Vallabhi


Q.        Protective foods in our diet are

1          Fats and vitamins

2          Carbohydrates and minerals

3          Vitamins and minerals

4          Proteins and carbohydrates


Q.        A light sensitive compound used in photography is

1          Silver chloride

2          Silver sulphide

3          Silver bromide

4          Silver oxide


Q.        The function of hemoglobin in the body is

1          Transport of oxygen

2          Destruction of bacteria

3          Prevention of anemia

4          Utilisation of iron


Q.        Which of the following types of clothes is manufactured by using petroleum products?

1          Rayon Silk

2          Terelyne

3          Nylon

4          Cotton


Q.        Which of the following pairs is incorrectly matched?

1          Encephalitis – Brain

2          Colitis – Colon

3          Hepatitis – Liver

4          Jaundice – Throat


Q.        Which of the following is the latest Tank?

1          Akash

2          Pritvi

3          Arjun

4          Bhim



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