Important Interview Questions for Bank PO

Below are most important interview questions for Bank interview. As well as these interview questions are important for all other gov jobs interviews. Also these may be helpful in private sectors

PO Interview Questions & Answers

Based on previous years experiences, here are some of the frequently asked bank Important questions & sample answers.


Q: Introduce yourself / Tell me about yourself

A: There is greater chance that your first questions is tell me about yourself or introduce yourself. They want to know about your background and other details with this question. Many interviewers use answer of this question to ask second question.


You must include below details inorder to come up with a proper answer

  • Personal information: It shall include your name, parents desingation.
  • Education: Mention the degree you completed, college name & city.
  • Work Experience (for experienced)
  • Any additional qualifications or achivements
  • Your hobby,if any

It is enough to summarize what you have given in your resume.Make sure to answer this question in short.Also checkout


Q: Why you want to enter Banking Sector after IT OR Why Bank Jobs?

A: Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in India providing a wide range of career oppurtunities to graduates like me.


Since banks are now moving closer to customers, i feel it would give me job satisfaction by helping public.Also these gov banks offer job security which is hard to find in other sectors.


Q:  Will you leave this job if you get a better opportunity with other private bank or other organization?

A: This question could be asked incase you have high educational qualifications like Mtech, MCA, MBA etc., or if your scores in BE/ Btech is high.


I am looking for a stable career.So I wont leave my present job in lieu of small monetary benefits as I am looking for job stability.When i have good career growth prospects in this industry, it isnt necessary to quit.


Q: How you BE/ B.Tech/ MBA / MCA/ B.Pharm/ ME/ M.Tech is going to help the bank?

A: As more candidates with professional degrees are appearing for bank interviews, this has become a common interview question.


There must be a reason for all of you to apply for bank jobs.We suggest you to tell that real reason as the panel very well know about the dearth of jobs for engg graduates.


So answers like, “Bank job has been my childhood dream OR To become a bank officer is my ambition” are laughable.Avoid them.


You may tell something like these:

  • I have good technical knowledge so it will be easy for me to approach clients in those sectors.
  • Being from a professional college, i have good exposure of working in teams which is necessary in a bank environment.
  • My communication skills are quite good & i am confident of providing good customer services.

How you relate your field of study with  is the key banking job oanswer this question.So it is upto you to prepare a suitable answer.


Q: What are your Strengths?
I can adapt to situations based on the needs.Once i learn the concepts, I get involved with the work as motivate myself.
The above answer is only sample & wont suit all candidates.So you need to find what your strengths are because in some case the panel will cross question you depending on your response.


Q: What are your weaknesses?
I get nervous when talking to strangers for the first few minutes.But after that short duration, i can adapt myself & communicate well with that person.


You have to careful while revealing about your weakness.If you are going to say that, “I am an impatient person”, it will create a bad impression because you need to be patient while dealing with customers.


So choose an answer that wont affect your chances of selection.


Other Questions to Prepare:

In addition to the normal personal questions above, the panel will want to test your general knowledge level.


Ø Banking Awareness: Questions related to terminologies & words used in banks will be asked.


Here are some questions that were asked during the previous interviews:

  • What are the basic documents a person requires to open an account?
  • What are open market operations?
  • What are various services provided by a commercial bank?
  • What is IRDA and various functions of IRDA?
  • Share your views about the GST
  • What is a NBFC and difference between NBFC and banks?
  • What is your opinion about “CASA” a term related to banking industry
  • Tell us something about BSBDA?
  • What is the meaning of CBS?

Ø Current Affairs: With many government schemes being implemented, you can be questioned about the latest events in business & finance.

  • What is the importance of demonetisation?
  • Why do you think AADHAR card numbers are linked to bank accounts?
  • What are the the gold schemes launched by govt & their benefits?
  • Do you know about the latest crop insurance scheme for farmers?

Such questions are normally asked to test critical thinking, communication skills & boldness.At times they may also play a big role in determining your selection or rejection.


If you do not know an answer, genuinely say “Sorry sir/mam.I dont know” Or “I have no idea about it, sir”.


Dont try to answer something you dont think with some random answers.It will only complicate the situaton.


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