1. Who has recently been appointed as the President of the Central Administrative Tribunal?

As the President of the Central Administrative Tribunal Narasimha Reddy has been appointed. Narasimha Reddy has served on the post of former Chief Justice of Patna High Court. Narsimha Reddy had constituted a one-member judicial committee to investigate any inconsistency arising from the implementation of ‘One Rank .


2. In which state has the ‘Sambalal’ scheme started recently?

Sambalal’ scheme has been started in Madhya Pradesh. This scheme has been started with the aim of providing a waiver of electricity bills for the laborers and poor families

3. In which state has “Haj Mitra Ap” launched recently?

“Haj Mitra Ap” has been launched in Rajasthan. This app is launched for the purpose of making Hajis easier and convenient. Information about the issue of Haj pilgrims in this app, the information related to the Haj pilgrims, selected / unselected Hajj passenger information, vaccination of selected Haj pilgrims, training of flight information, and direction related to Haj issued from time to time. – Get notifications of directions.


4. In which state has the “Ayushman Bharat” scheme launched recently?

“Ayushman Bharat” scheme has been started in Madhya Pradesh. The benefits of this scheme will be given to the families of the workers of the unorganized sector and the eligibility slips of food safety program.

5.Which state is hosted by World Union Bulk Market Conference 2018? 

World Union Bulk Market Conference 2018 has been handed over to Haryana. The main purpose of the World Union Bulk Market Conference is to establish a common integrated structure of mandis all over the world and to bring the benefits of improving the mandis around the world for the domestic needs of India. 

6.Who has recently been honored with the National Kalidas Award? Anjola Alla Menon has been honored with the National Kalidas Award.

Anjola Alla Menon has been honored with the National Kalidas Award. This award is given in various means of the media through their meaningful pictures to give women identity and women for sensitive portrayal of emotions. 

7. National Doctor’s Day is celebrated?

  National Doctor Day is celebrated every year on July 1. This day is celebrated with the aim of making the public aware of the priceless service and contribution towards the society. …me the first player in the world to play 100 international T20 matches.

8.What is the full name of UNWWA?

The full name of UNWWA is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. This agency works for the welfare of Palestinian refugees. 

9.Where was the world’s first ATM installed?

The world’s first ATM was established in London’s Enfield. It was established on June 27, 1967.

10.Who is Yusuf Salim ?

Yusuf Salim is the first blind person to be appointed as a judge in Pakistan. Yusuf Salim is currently working as Assistant Director (Legal) in the Government of Punjab.

11.Which Indian actor has recently been awarded ‘Outstanding Achievement in Indian Cinema’ award?

Indian actor Anupam Kher has been honored with ‘Outstanding Achievement in Indian Cinema’ award. This award has been given to Anupam Kher to make valuable contribution in Indian cinema.

12.Karman Kaur Thundi is related to which game?

Karan Kaur Thandi is from Tennis. Karman Kaur Thandi plays tennis on the other side of India. Recently, Karan Kaur Thandi has won the title of ITF singles. This is Thandi’s first ITF title.

13.What is “Seychelles”?

“Seychelles” is an island nation of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean. It is located approximately 1500 kilometers east of the African mainland and in the north east of Madagascar. Seychelles has the least population against any other country in the African continent. Recently India is preparing to set up a military base in Seychelles. 

14.In which state has the ‘Online Property Registration System’ started recently?

‘Online Property Registration System’ has been started in Punjab. Punjab is the first state in the country to launch ‘Online Property Registration System’.

15.Who has recently been appointed as the President of Turkey?

Rajab Tayyib Erdogan has been appointed as President of Turkey. Tyyab has been serving as President of Turkey for the past 15 years.

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