MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students – Apply Online for Direct MBBS Admission with Low Fees

Study MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students – Apply Now to Get Direct Admission

MBBS is one of the most reputed Medicine program in India and have high demand amount students and parents. All those students who are studying biology in their intermediate are looking out only for 1 course i.e. MBBS Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery however it is toughest job now to get admission in MBBS courses in India. Students who are able to get government colleges for MBBS Admission can afford the fees for this course however students who are unable to get a government mbbs college in India get it toughets due to super high fees of private mbbs colleges in India. Here you will get full details for MBBS in UKRAINE for Indian students MBBS total Fees in Ukraine MBBS total fees for 6 years in ukraine MBBS Direct admission best abroad destinations. Best colleges for MBBS in foreigner MBBS Top medical colleges in India and ukraine. Why ukraine is best for MBBS for Indian students. 

So now best option is to study abroad mbbs for Indian students and get your MBBS degree complete with low fees. Here we are going to provide a complete details for MBBS Direct Admission in Ukraine which is one of the best europe destination to find a government college in India. MBBS IN UKRAINE is one of the top destination for MBBS now a days in India as this is one of the safest destination for Indian students and known as for best study for MBBS. MBBS in ukraine is also recognized by MCI and WHO. Get Direct MBBS Admission in India and Abroad :   Whatsapp – 9999300861

Why Ukraine for MBBS for Indian Students :

Ukraine for MBBS is known as best in abroad because of its desciplined and systematic pedagogy for Medical courses. MBBS in ukraine is prvalent for Indian students due to various reasons. Here are 3 fundamental reasons why ukraine is best for MBBS course :

  • Global recognition of Medical Universities in Ukraine
  • More than 100 Universities are recognized by MCI, WHO, AMEE, EMSA, FAIMER
  • Best Educationa system across the world in ukraine
  • More than 10 universities imparting education in english Medium
  • Ukraine Medical universities welcome thousands of students to every year for MBBS Program.
  • Ukraine universities for Medical courses MD/MBBS are recognized by Medical Council of India for Education.

Ukraine is one of the country that comprised in best world class Medical education and medical courses in ukraine known as best courses all over the world. Ukraine offers MBBS, MD courses in medical and MBBS course available on very affordable price. MBBS Fees in Ukraine is between Rs. 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh in Indian currency for direct Admission. All those students from India who has completed 12th with PCB and those who appeared in NEET exam and has passing marks can apply for MBBS in ukraine and can get direct admission. Candidates who complete MBBS, MD or any other medical dergree from ukraine are available to provide their services in any part of the world. Tenure of MBBS Course in Ukraine is 6 years which includes basic knowledge, advanced knowledge and practical knowledge of the Medical. Candidates are providing world classe knowledte and practical knowledge for Medicine in ukraine. Candidates who completed their MBBS from ukraine are eligible for any government jobs in medical and all other sectors, As well as for any kind of medicine practice in India and around all over the world. MBBS in Ukraine is equal to MBBS in India however there is a major difference of expenses of MBBS in India vs MBBS in ukraine.

Why Ukraine is Best for MBBS for Indian Students :

  • Ukraine has become a best destination for MBBS course for India as well as for some other countries due to the following reasons :
  • Ukraine Literacy rate is 100%
  • Ukraine is known as to deliver high class education specially for Medical
  • Medical universities in ukraine has superior quality of Infrastructure
  • Accomodation facilities are superior in class for students who study MBBS in ukraine. Medical universities Hostel expenses are low in comaprison of other countries.
  • MBBS Fees in Ukraine is lower in comparison of other countries
  • Students safety is the first concern for Universities and government both in Ukraine
  • Universities are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) and WHO (World Health Organization)
  • MBBS Admission Ukraine does not required for any English Influency Test
  • Admission process is easy in Ukraine for Indian Students
  • Medical certificate from Ukraine is valid in India and Globally
  • MBBS course in Ukraine provide best education which include practical exposure
  • Ukraine has a huge opportunity of Internship in MBBS program
  • Ukraine is count as one of the country with very low fees of MBBS
  • Accomodation expenses for Medical students are cheaper in Ukraine
  • Food and other expenses are low in Ukraine for Indian Medical Students
  • Good Qualify of Indian Food always available for Indian students in Ukraine
  • MBBS Mode of teaching ukraine is English as same as in India.
  • As Ukraine is the hub for MBBS for Indian studetns therefore Indian studetns will find their fellow peers there in Ukraine
  • Ukraine is a safe country for both Girls and Boys students

What Medical Courses are Offered by Medical Universities in Ukraine :

Medical Universities in Ukraine offer Traditional & Non Traditional Medications as well as Alternative Medicines. Ukraine Medial Universities follow a uniform and Modern syllabus for Medical courses. Following are the courses offered by Medical Universities in Ukraine :

  • General Medicine in Ukraine
  • Surgery Medicine in Ukraine
  • Pharmacy course in Ukraine (B Pharma in Ukraine or D Pharma in Ukraine)
  • Nursing Courses in Ukraine
  • Dental (BDS in Ukraine)
  • Paediatrics in Ukraine
  • Masters in Medicine in Ukraine
  • Phd in Medicine in Ukraine
  • Post Diploma Specialisation in Ukraine

Medical Course Duration in Ukraine :

Different courses in Medical sector has different course duration likewise in India. Following is the course duration of Medical courses in Ukraine :

  • MBBS Course Duration in Ukraine – 6 Years
  • Pharmay Course Duration in Ukraine – 5 Years
  • Nursing Course Duration in Ukraine : 3-4 Years
  • BDS Course Duration in  Ukraine – 5 Years
  • Paediatrics course duration in Ukraine – 5 Years
  • Other Dental course duration Ukraine – 5 Years

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Ukraine :

Indian students who want to get admission in Ukraine for MBBS should have the following eligibilty criteria. Indian students who are aspiring to take admission in MBBS should have the following eligibilty criteria :

  • Student Must have completed 17 years of Age for MBBS in Ukraine
  • Indian students age for MBBS in ukraine must correspondent with NEET
  • Student must have 50% marks in their 12th with PCB and English for General category and EWS
  • Students with OBC/SC/ST must have minimum 40% marks in 12 with science as a subject and English
  • Students must have appear in NEET Exam (Valid for 3 Years)
  • Student must have Valid MCI Certificate (Read below how to get it)
  • Studetn must have Valid Visa and Passport (Read below hot to get it)

What is the Entrace Procedure for MBBS in Ukraine :

Various students wants to know that how to complete MBBS in ukraine than here is the full details for MBBS in ukraine. Get the details here that how to get the mbbs degree in kraine :

Student having above eligibility criteria choose their medical university in Ukraine to get admission

  • Fill the Admission form for your chosen university in ukraine
  • Submit the completed Admission form along with the required documents
  • Once done student will get their Admission letter and Invitation letter from the selected university of ukraine
  • Once Admission letter is received, visa work should get started immediately
  • Get your Visa and Passport ready for Ukraine
  • Finally, Fly to Ukraine to make your dreams success for MBBS and your Jouney start now.

What the Documents required for MBBS Admission Ukrain :

Students make sure to submit the following documents to get admission in Ukraine Medical University or after getting the admission in Ukraine :

  • Student mark sheet of board exams (10th and 12th Marksheet)
  • NEET Exam Score Card
  • Student Valid Passport
  • Student Visa for Ukraine
  • Migration Certificate
  • Student Birth Certificate
  • Guardian Bank Statement
  • University Offer Letter
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Student Medical Report (Only if Needed)

What are the Advantages of Studying MBBS in Ukraine :

Before getting MBBS Admission abroad, student must aware the benefits of MBBS in abroad. Here you will know the benefits of MBBS course in Ukraine for Indian Students :

  • MBBS From Ukraine is accpeted World wide
  • Student Completing MBBS in Ukraine eligible for any further study, government job, private job, pratice, business, Opening their Hospital/Shop etc in India and Abroad. There is no difference in getting MBBS Degree from India or from Ukraine and eligibility is same from both the countries.
  • Visa Assurance for any European country
  • Ukraine high life standard in low cost of living
  • Trasport is easy in Ukraine
  • Senior Functioning Hostel facilities for Internation students/Indian students are available
  • Low Trasport Cost
  • Medical Practical Pratice is encouraged which help students to full fill their dream as a best doctor
  • Universities in Ukraine provide Airport pickup facilities for Indian Students/Internation students.
  • Part time job opportunities for students untill they complete their study
  • Best Environment in Ukraine
  • All international students are well fluent in English which make students communication and Interpersonal skills best.
  • Good climate conditions
  • Ukraine Medical Universities are Government controlled
  • Extracurricular activities are encouraged in Ukraine Medicla universities
  • Ukraine Medical univerities arranged travel discount for International students
  • Direct MBBS Admission available for Indian Students
  • No donation is required to take admission in Ukraine Medical Univerisities for MBBS Program
  • Year Round Work shop and Seminars are encouraged
  • MBBS Students in Ukraine are provided job prospects in Ukraine and US
  • Ukraine is one of the most beautify country to live in
  • Ukraine is one of the most safest country to live in (European country)
  • Ukraine facility has a UNESCO Recognition
  • Summer Vacations

List of Top Medical Universities in Ukraine and Fees Structure :

Top Medical Universities in Ukraine are one of the best destination for Indian students to study MBBS due to their best systematic and desciplined pedagogy specialy since 2014. Thosands of students each year are looking to get admission in Ukraine Medical universities for Multiple courses. These students can get direct admission in MBBS in ukraine top universities and can full fill their dreams to be a best doctor. Direct MBBS Admission in India can also be possible but fees is too high for MBBS in India for private universities hence candidates are advised to get admission in Ukraine for best prospects as these universities and one of the top univerisities to get MBBS admission. Here is the list of top MBBS universitise in Ukraine :


SUMY STATE UNIVERSITY UKRAINE was established in 1918 which is one of the top medical university in Ukraine. Sumy state university ukraine is situated in Sumy Oblast, Ukraine. Ukraine Sumy state university is non profit medical university and offer other higher education courses too which is known as the 3rd top university in ukraine for medical higher education and MBBS courses. Sumy state university ukraine is among world top 1000 medical universities in the world.

MBBS Fees Structure for Sumy State University, Ukraine


Ivanko Frankivsk National Medical University Ukraine is known as one of top Medical university in ukraine to get admission. This university is situated in ivanko city in the ukraine. This Medical university was established in 1945 and recognized by WHO, MCI, AMEE. Medical university offers MBBS course with very low fees. Here is the Fees structure and details regarding this university


MBBS Fees Structure for Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine

Other Top Medical Universities in Ukraine to Get Direct Admission for Indian Students :

  • Bukovinian State Medical University, Ukraine : Rs. 3,22,000 per Year
  • Danylo Halyt Sky Medical University, Ukraine : Rs. 4,60,000 per Year
  • Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy, Ukraine : Rs. 2,50,000 per Year
  • Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine : Fees Rs.  3,70,000  Per Year
  • Kyiv Medical University of uafm, kiev : Fees Rs. 4,42,000 INR per year
  • Lugansk State Medical University : Fees Rs. 4,60,000 INR per Year
  • Bogomolets National Medical University : Fees Rs. 7,20,000 per Year
  • Odessa National Medical University, Ukraine : Fees Rs. 4,60,000 per Year
  • Uzhhorod National Medicla University, Ukraine : Fees Rs. 3,10,000 per Year
  • Zaporozhye State Medical University, Ukraine : Fees Rs. 3,70,000 per Year
  • Vinnitsa National Medical University, Ukraine : Fees Rs. 4,40,000 Per Year
  • Donetsk National Medical University, Ukraine – Fees Rs. 3,28,000 per Year

MBBS in Ukraine First Year Package Include the followings :

  • MBBS First Year Tuition Fees
  • Hostel Fees
  • Insurance Fees
  • Documentation Fees
  • Visa Support 
  • University Administration Fees
  • Invitation Fees
  • Hostel Charges for the First Year (USD 1000)
  • Food Charges for the First Year (USD 1000)
  • Flight Charges : Approx INR 35,000 (One way Ticket)

Note : The Tuition Fees of the University is calculated as approx 1USD = 60 Rs. Also universities are subject to change tuition fees anytime without any prior notice. You can contact us through our whatsapp number – 9999300861 to know more details, Fees criteria and other regarding direct Admission in MBBS in ukraine or for any other country.

Important Things to Remember for Admission MBBS in Ukraine :

  • Students must remember few things regarding getting Admission for MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students 
  • MBBS Seats are reserved on first come first serve basis for MBBS in Ukraine
  • Limited Seats are available
  • MBBS Course in Ukraine start in September
  • Students who wish to get admission in Ukraine for MBBS must make note that when Admission portal is open for MBBS
  • Students must remember the time of the last submission of application for MBBS Admission in Ukraine
  • MBBS Time for the class commencement in Ukraine
  • Student remember to carry the essential documents for Admission in MBBS
  • It is mandatory to send the admission letter

What is the Cost of Study MBBS in Ukraine :

Guardian must know the complete fees of MBBS in ukraine for 6 years before taking admission as budget is one of the most important key for any education or other process. Here we will tell you the complete MBBS Fees in ukraine for 6 years. Ukraine is known for low tuition fees for MBBS courses as most of the universities come under non profit universities for Medical courses. MBBS Fees is high in India due to low seats are available and expenses are little high for tuition and practical knowledge in India. However, a middle class student easily can complete their MBBS degree in Ukraine. Here are the full details regarding MBBS in ukraine

  • Tenure of MBBS in ukraine is 6 years
  • Total Fees for MBBS in ukraine is approx 20 to 22 Lakhs for 6 Years
  • Total expneses including living cost, transportation, food and all other miscellenious expenses can go up to 25 lakh for 6 years for study MBBS in ukraine.
  • Per year cost for MBBS in ukraine comes appox. 4 Lac for 6 years
  • Living cost in poland is meager
  • Living cost of the student can be approx. Rs. 10,000 in Ukraine

Key Features of Ukraine Medical Universities :

It is important to know the key features of Medical Universities in Ukraine. Here is the full details and key features of MBBS in ukraine universities which will provide you the full details regarding admission

  • MBBS Courses are offered in English 
  • Large number of Indian students take admission in Ukraine Universities for MBBS each year 
  • Students can opt for billingual course for MBBS
  • Excellent Internation Faculty available for study in ukraine
  • MCI (Medical Council of India) and Ukraine Medical Universities are strictly related
  • Ukraine Medical univerity followed Modern teaching Methods
  • Ukraine Medical Universities are among top Medical Universities in the World
  • Ukraine Medical Universities continued update syllabus and teaching mehtods as per latest technologies and medical concerns
  • After getting MBBS Degree from Ukraine, Indian students must appear for MCI Screening tests to practice in India

MBBS Direct Admission India : Why Not MBBS Direct Admission In India :

MBBS in India has very limited students and only few thousand students who cleared NEET Exam with the highest score are able to get MBBS admission in government colleges in India. Government collegest of MBBS known as best to get admission due to their low fees and good quality of education. Also most of the guardian preferred to get students admission in MBBS however direct MBBS Admission in India need a very high fees which is approx in crore. Direct Admission in MBBS in India need at least 9 Lacs per year fees or some top MBBS Private colleges also take high donation which made MBBS Fees more than 1 crore in India. Direct MBBS Admission in India or Abroad is available on low fees. Whatsapp – 9999300861 (whatsapp only) for direct Admission in MBBS, BAMS, BUMS, BHMS in India with lowest available packages or whatsapp for direct admission in Poland MBBS with low Fees.

Important FAQ :

What is the Best Foreign Country for MBBS course for Indian students ?

Ukraine is among one of the best counriest to study abroad for Indian students for MBBS due to world class medical universities of ukraine, low MBBS Fees, Indian food and fellow are easily available in Ukraine for Indian students, Good environemnet, MCI Approvered univeristies and many other benefits. 

Why Ukraine for MBBS for Indian Students ?

Please refer the details given above in this post carefully for full details regarding MBBS Admission in Ukraine and benefits.

Is Ukraine Safe country for Indian students ?

Ukraine laws are stricts and crime rate is one of the lowest in Ukraine amount European countries. Indian students are safe in Ukraine and it is safe for male and female students both to study MBBS in ukraine. This is one of the common questions among guardian before sending their children for admissioin in any of the foreign country and the answer is here. Ukraine is one of the safest country for Indian students as Ukraine has some laws for Indian/Internation students due to their safety. However, it is recommended to be aware of any fraud in any of the counry including Ukraine as no coutnry except India is home country for Indians. 

Is NEET required to Pursue MBBS in Ukraine ?

NEET is mandatory to pursue MBBS in any of the country in ordert to practice in India after completion their MBBS. A student can get admission in Ukraine or in any other counry without clearing NEET Exam but candidate will not be allowed to pratice in India without NEET.

Can Candidate Practice in India After competing MBBS in Ukraine ?

Yes, MBBS in Ukraine is acceptable world wide however student must appear in the NEET Exam in order to be eligible to practice in India after compeleting their MBBS in Ukraine. Medical degree in Ukraine is aceptable globally for all the counries.

Is Student Loan Available for Studying MBBS in Ukraine ?

Yes, students can avail the education loan for studying MBBS in Ukraine. Different banks are providing student loan for MBBS in ukraine.

Is Indian Food available in Ukraine for MBBS Students ?

Yes, as there are various students studyin in various Medical universities from India. Indian Food available separately for Indian students in the Mess and in other parts of the country too. 

Direct MBBS Admission for Indian students with Low Fees. Low Fees MBBS course available for Indian students in various countries and in ukraine. Direct MBBS admission in ukraine for Indian students available

MBBS Direct Admission India Get direct admission in MBBS here are the full details above for MBBS direct admission with low fees in Ukraine which is one of the European country. Candidates can get admission in MBBS in Ukraine which is one of the top destination to complete MBBS for Indian students. Hope above information helps you to get direct admission in MBBS as well as Direct BAMS Admission in India

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