Most Importang Gk questions for upcoming Goverment Exams

Dear Students, Here is the exam key for upcoming government examinations. We have collected below the most important gk and current affair questions for upcoming government examinations. Remembers these questions answers before attempting any government exam

Which is the longest Railway bridge inIndia ?
Answer: Vallarpadam Bridge (kerala)

What is the slogan of Indian Railway ?
Answer: lifeline of the nation

which country is known as land of windmills
Answer: Netherland

2017 Australian open womens title winner?
Answer: Serena williams

2017 Wimbledon womens title winner?
Answer: Garbine Muguruza

2017 Australian open mens title winner?
Answer: Roger federer

2017 Wimbledon  mens title winner?
Answer: Roger federer

Who is the newly appointed secretary general of UNITED NATIONS (UN)?

Answer: Antonio Guterres

who is the winner of miss universe 2016?
Answer: Iris Mittenaere (France)

which country is known as land of lilies ?
Answer: Canada

Who are the founders of “Google”?
Answer: Larry Page, Sergey Brin

who is the author of  “Glimpses of World History” ?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru
Where is the Museum of Indian Railway situated?

Answer: Chanakyapuri (New Delhi)
Which is the Longest Railway Tunnel ?
Answer: Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel (Banihal railway tunnel)

Which is the Longest Railway platform in theWorld ?
Answer: Gorakhpur station platform (UP)

Which is the train running between India and Bangladesh ?
Answer: Maitree Express

Which are the states have no Railway ?
Answer: Meghalaya and Sikkim (building new railway lines)

Which is the Worlds oldest working steam locomotive engine (train) ?
Answer: Fairy Queen runs in India

Recently elected uttarakhand chief minister?
Answer: Trivendra Singh Rawat

Newly appointed Chief of Air staff
Answer:   Birender Singh Dhanoa

Recently appointed SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) chairman?
Answer:  Ajay Tyagi
What is the width of Narrow gauge rail ?
Answer: 0.762

The first person to use the word geography was
– Erastosthenes (276 – 194 BC)

When was the nationalization of Indian Railways done?
Answer : 1950

Wular Lake is in which state?
Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

Which is the longest river in peninsular India ?
Answer: Godavari River

River godavari originates from ?
Answer: Brahmagiri Mountain

Recently elected Uttar pradesh chief minister?
Answer: Yogi Adityanath

Newly elected Goa Chief Minister ?
Answer: Manohar Parrikar

Who is the present punjab Chief minister?
Answer:  Amarinder Singh

Who is the present Supreme Court Chief Justice of India (appointed from jan-2017)?
Answer: Jagdish Singh Khehar
What is the width of Broad gauge rail ?
Answer: 1.676

Which is the First Electric Train in India ?
Answer: Deccan Queen (Kalyan – Pune)

When did Life Line Express (Jeevan Rekha)Started ?
Answer: In 1991

Which year is declared as “Year of Rail Users”by the Indian Railways ?
Answer: 1995

Who is the chief of  Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) ?
Answer: Anil Dhasmana

Who is the chief of Intelligence Bureau (IB)?
Answer: Rajiv Jain

The First presented the India on the world map

10 latitude give the seperatio of
– 111 kms

Who is the chief of CBI?
Answer: Alok Verma
10 Longitude is equal to
– 4” (minutes)

The Closest capital to tropic cancer
– Ranchi

3 capitals are above to Tropic of Cancer
– Jaipur, Aizwol, Agarthala

The largest delta in the world is
– The delta of Ganga

The type of climate in India is
– Monsoon

Most of the iron in India is found in
– Dharwar Rocks

The atmosphere layer which reflects radio – waves is known as
‐ Ionosphere

Which team won first Twenty-20 worldcup at 2007?
Answer: India

Intensity of light is measured by?
Answer: Lux meter

Instrument used for recording sound underwater
Answer: hydrophone

On which river, the Baglihar Hydro‐ powr project is located?
– Chenab

The term Rugur refers to
– Black cotton Soil

Which two peninsular rivers flow through troughs?
– Narmad and Tapi

How much area does India cover of the total geographical area of the world?
– 2.42 %

Which State is known as the name of Black Water?
‐Andaman and Nicobar

Which latitude divides India into two parts?
– 23 ½ 0

2017 womens ICC cricket worldcup winner?
Answer: England (defeated India)

Newly elected president of INDIA?
answer: Ram Nath Kovind
Ozone layer is found in
– Stratosphere

Who is the first Indian to present RailwayBudget ?
Answer:John Mathai

Who is the first railway minister in India ?
Answer: John Matthai

Who is the first person to get Param vir chakra ?
Answer: Major Somnath Sharma

Which is the largest fresh water lake in India ?
Answer: Wular Lake

winner of sultan azlan shah cup 2017?
Answer: Britain( Runner-up: Australia, Third place: India)

who won 2017 phalke award ?Answer: Kasinathuni Viswanath

2017 French open Mixed doubles winner?
Answer: Rohan Bopanna(India) & Gabriela Dabrowski from canada
who is the winner of 2017 man booker prize ?
Answer: David Grossman (book: A Horse Walks Into a Bar)

Which cricket team won 2017 champions trophy ?
Answer: Pakistan

what is the full form of SIM ?

Answer: Subscriber Identity Module

Who is the founder of Van Mahotsav ?
Answer: K.M. Munshi

Which is the smallest National Highway in India ?
Answer: NH 966B

Recently appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice of India?
Answer: Dipak Misra
where is the venue for 2024 Olympics?
Answer: Paris
where is the venue for 2028 Olympics?
Answer: los angeles

How many bones are there in human skull ?
Answer: 22

Kyoto is the city from which country?

which country is known as land of white elephants?
Answer: Thailand

which country is known as land of cakes?
Answer: Scotland

which country is known as land of thousand lakes
Answer: Finland

who wrote the book “India Divided”?
Answer: Rajendra Prasad

recently elected ireland prime minister?
Answer: Leo Varadkar

Recently appointed chief election commissioner of india?
answer:  Achal Kumar Joti
Who is the father of indian space program?
answer: Vikram Sarabhai

Where is ISRO headquarters?
Answer: Bengaluru
Who is the first lady Railway minister ofIndia ?
Answer: Mamta Benergy

Which is the highest railway station inIndia ?
Answer: Ghum railway station
“Ring of fire” refers to – Circum
– Pacific Seismic belt

Willy – Willy is the tropical cyclone occurring in
– Coast of North – west Australia

The length of the Indian coastline is
– 7516.6 km

Device used for measure radiation ?
Answer: geiger muller counter

Number of seats in Lok sabha?
Answer: 545 (543 elected+2 nominated)

Number of seats in Rajya  sabha?
Answer: 245 (233 elected+12 nominated)

The second person who land on the moon?
Answer: Edwin Eugene Aldrin

Where is the Headquarters of Konkan railway ?
Answer: Bilapur

Which is the fastest train in India ?
Answer: Shatabdi Express

In which year Indian Railway board established ?
Answer: 1905

Which is the first Railway station in India ?
Answer: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria terminal)


Here are some most important notes to prepare for upcoming IBPS and other banking exams. These are most important expected questions answers for banking examinations


RBI is the Central bank of India

RBI was setup on the recommendations of Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance also known as the Hilton- Young Commission.

RBI has 4 regional offices at Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai and Delhi.

The head office of RBI is located at Mumbai.

Currency notes other than one rupee notes are issued by RBI.

Scheduled commercial banks are included in the second schedule to the RBI act 1934.

First Indian who won asian squash title  ?
Answer: Joshna Chinappa

Who is the winner of “2017 World Snooker Championship” ?
Answer:  Mark Selby from England

Recently elected French President?
Answer: Emmanuel Macron
Schedule commercial banks are SBI and its associates, Nationalized Banks, Private Sector Banks, Regional Rural Banks, Urban Cooperative Banks, State Cooperative Banks.

banks were nationalized on 19 July 1969.

Regional rural banks were established on 2nd October 1975.

All commercial banks including branches of foreign banks functioning in India, local area banks and regional rural banks are insured by the DICGC(Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited).

Each depositor in a bank is insured upto a maximum of Rs 1 lakh for both principal and interest amount.

LIC (Life insurance Corporation) of India was established in 1956 as wholly owned corporation of the Government of India.

Export and Import Bank of India (EXIM) was established in 1982.

National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) was established in 1982.

Interest payable on savings bank account is not regulated by RBI.

With effect from April 2010 payment of interest on savings bank accounts by scheduled commercial banks would be calculated on a daily product basis.

Fixed deposits and recurring deposits are repayable after an agreed period.

When a bank returns a cheque unpaid , it is called as dishonor of the cheque.

Mortgage is a security on immovable property for a deposit received by a bank.

Accounts in which shares of various companies are traded in electronic form is called Demat account.

Distribution of insurance products and insurance policies by the banks as corporate agencies is known as bank assurance.

The rate of inflation increases when the purchasing power of money decreases.

Treasury bills, commercial paper, certificate of deposit, shares and bonds are called as money market instruments.

Repurchase agreement is not money market instrument.

The loans of very small amount given to low income group is called as Mirco credit.

ALM stands for Asset Liability management

The Banking ombudsman resolves the complaints of the customers in regard to services provided by the banks.

Money laundering means the process of conversion of money obtained illegally to appear to have originated from legitimate sources

As per banking practice in India a stale cheque would be a cheque which is not presented to the drawee bank within 3 months time from the date of the instrument.

Interest is not paid in current accounts.

CAMEL denotes capital adequacy, asset quality, management, efficiency and liquidity.

When the ATM machine installed in the bank is out of order, it is called as operational risk.

When the loans are not repaid in time, it is called as credit risk.

The first Indian bank to open a branch outside India in London in 1946 is bank of India.

Soiled note means a note which has become dirty due to usage and also includes a two piece note pasted together wherein both the pieces presented belong to the same note and form the entire note.

Mutilated banknote is a banknote of which a portion is missing or which is composed of more than two pieces.

Imperfect banknote means any banknote which is wholly or partially, obliterated, shrunk , washed, altered but does not include a mutilated banknote

The first banknote issued by independent India was the one rupee note issued in 1949

KYS is an acronym for Know Your Customer a term used for customer identification process.

What is the full form of https ?
Answer:  Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

Where is Sardar Sarovar project situated ?
Answer: Gujarat

]Which is the coldest planet in the solar system?
Answer: Neptune

Which is the Longest National Highway in India ?
Answer: NH 44 (old name NH 7)

KYC has two components- Identity and address

Commercial Paper (CP) is an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of a promissory note

Commercial Paper(CP) was introduced in India in 1990.

Corporate, primary dealers and the all India Financial institutions are eligible to issue CP

Base rate system has replaced the erstwhile Benchmark Prime lending rate system with effect from July 2010


The RTGS system is primarily meant for large value transactions. The minimum amount to be remitted through RTGS is Rs 2 Lakh. There is no upper ceiling for RTGS transactions.

NEFT – NATIONAL ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER is a nation – wide payment system facilitating one to one funds transfer.
Commercial Paper(CP) can be issued for maturities between a minimum of 7 Days and a maximum of upto 1 year from the date of issue.

Commercial Paper(CP) can be issued in denominations of Rs 5 lakh or multiples thereof.

Every issuer must appoint an issuing and payment agent for issuance of CP.

A term deposit is a contract between the bank and the customer for a definite term and it cannot be paid prematurely at the bank’s option. Banks have the freedom to determine their own penal rates of interest for premature withdrawal of term deposits
Union public service commission  was established on ?
Answer: 1 October 1926

Kyoto protocol was adopted in which year ?
Answer: 11-Dec-1997

Kyoto protocol was came in to force from which year ?
Answer: 16-Feb-2005


Above questions are top most expecting questions for upcoming government examinations. Please read the questions and answers carefully before attempting the government exams of your choice

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