Most Important GK questions and Answers

Here in this post we have updated the Most Important GK questions answers for Government Examinations like state to central exams. These questions are very important for SSC, CDS, IAS, PCS, Railway, Forest guard, Bank clerk and PO, CA, State level exams and so more even asked in the interview when you face for job anywhere. So gain it and make more meaningful your mind and knowledge bank today.

  1. In Word you can force a page break -.

1          by positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing the F1 key

2          by positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing Ctrl +


3          by using the Insert/Section Break

4          by changing the font size your document


  1. Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?

1          LAN

2          DSL

3          RAM

4          USB


  1. By default, your documents print in – mode.

1          Landscape

2          Portrait

3          Page Setup

4          print View


  1. How do you prevent emailed word documents from always opening in the Reading Layout?

1          From the Tools Menu > Options > General Tab > uncheck the Allow starting in Reading Layout’

2          From the View Menu > Reading Layout > General Tab > uncheck the `Allow staring in Reading Layout’

3          From the Format Menu > Autoformat > Edit Tab > uncheck the `Use with emailed attachments’.

4          All the above


  1. Which of these is a quick way to copy formatting from a selected cell to two other cells on the same worksheet?

1          Use CTRL to select all three cells, then click the Paste Button image button on the Standard toolbar

2          Copy the selected cell, then select the other two cells, click Style on the Format menu, then click Modify

3          Click Format Painter Button image on the Formatting toolbar twice, then click in each cell you want to copy the formatting to

4          Use Alt to select all three cells, then click the Paste Button image button on the Standard toolbar


  1. Select the odd one out –

1          Interpreter

2          Operating System

3          Compiler

4          Assembler


  1. Which of the following places the common data elements in order from smallest to largest?

1          Character, file, record, field, database

2          Character, record, field, file, database

3          Character, field, record, file, database

4          Bit, byte, character, record, field, file, database


  1. The Assistant is -.

1          an application that allows you to take notes and save them in a file

2          an animated character that provides help and suggestions

3          a button on the standard Toolbar that executes the Print command

4          a collection of frequently misspelled words in a dictionary file


  1. Suppose you have columns of data that span more than one printed page. How can you automatically print the column headings on each page?

1          Click Page Setup on the File menu, click the Sheet tab, and enter the row that contains these column headings under Print titles

2          Click Page Setup on the File menu, click the Page tab, click the Options button, then enter your choices

3          Click Page Preview on the File menu, click the Sheet tab, and enter the row that contains these column headings under Print titles

4          Click Page Setup on the File menu, click the Sheet tab, and make a selection under the Print heading


  1. How do you print your slides in a handout that includes lines for notes?

1          In the Print dialog box, select Handouts and set the number of slides per page to 3

2          In the Print dialog box, select Handouts and a number of slices per page, then select the Include comment pages option

3          In the Print dialog box, select Notes Pages instead of Handouts

4          It cannot be done


  1. Which of the following describes a relational database?

1          It provides a relationship between integers

2          It consists of separate tables or related data

3          It retrieves data related to its queries

4          It provides a relationship between floats


  1. What do you press to enter the current date in a cell?

1          CTRL +; (semicolon)

2          CTRL + SHIFT + :(colon)

3          CTRL + F10

4          CTRL + F11



  1. To move to the bottom of a document, press -.

1          Auto Summarize

2          Home key

3          Ctrl key + End key

4          End key


  1. A `Call Centre’ is -.

1          A place where Salesmen meet every day

2          A Training Centre

3          A Back Office set up where customer queries are answered

4          Customers’ meeting place


  1. A `Call’ means -.

1          A Profession

2          Teletalk

3          Calling on a Prospect

4          A Call Centre


  1. Internal Marketing means -.

1          Selling to onself

2          Selling of samples

3          Selling to the employees

4          Selling to foreign markets


  1. Market share means -.

1          Market price of shares

2          Sensex

3          Share market

4          Share of business among peers


  1. Market size means -.

1          Size of marketing staff

2          Size of the Organisation

3          Scope for profits

4          Scope for marketing


  1. Service Marketing is the same as -.

1          Relationship Marketing

2          Transaction Marketing

3          Internal Marketing

4          All of those


  1. The Word function that corrects text as you type is referred to as -.

1          Auto Summarize

2          Auto Insert

3          Auto Correct

4          Track Changes


  1. To find and load a file that has been saved –

1          select the Close command

2          select the New command

3          select the Save command

4          select the Open command


  1. What displays the content of the active cell in Excel?

1          Name box

2          Row Headings

3          Formula bar

4          Taskpane


  1. What happens when you press Ctrl + V key?

1          A Capital V letter is typed into your document at the cursor point

2          The selected item is pasted from the Clipboard

3          The selected item is pasted from the Clipboard

4          The selected drawing objects are distributed vertically on the page


  1. Marketing is termed as successful, when -.

1          There is a rise in the number of salesmen

2          There is no need for post-sales service

3          There is no need to give discounts

4          There is rise in sales through


  1. Market Research is needed for-

1          Choosing the right sales persons

2          Choosing the right products

3          Making proper marketing decisions

4          Deciding the sales incentives


1 Which of the following is not a plantation crop?
a) Rubber,
b) Arecanut,
c) Cocoa,
d) Potato
Ans:- Potato

1 Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) established in?
a) 1964,
b) 1965,
c) 1966,
d) 1967
Ans:- 1964

1 Which former Chief Election Commissioner is the author of the book The Miracle of Democracy: Indias Amazing Journey?
a) T. N. Seshan,
b) M. S. Gill,
c) B. B. Tandon,
d) T. S. Krishnamurthy
Ans:-  T. S. Krishnamurthy

1 The distribution of Teesta river water is a bone of contention between India and which of the following countries?
a) Pakistan,
b) Nepal,
c) China,
d) Bangladesh,
Ans:- Bangladesh

1 Which of the following is not the name of a foreign bank?
a) BNP Paribas,
b) Deutsche Bank,
c) Barclays,
d) Cathay Pacific
Ans:-  Cathay Pacific

1 Which among the following states have topped India Human Development Report 2011?
a) Keral,
b) Tamil Nadu,
c) Himachal Pradesh,
d) Punjab
Ans:- Kerala

1 Guru Tegh Bahadur Gold Cup tournament is associated with which of the following sports?
a) Hockey,
b) Badminton,
c) Cricket,
d) Soccer
Ans:-  Hockey

1 Which five year plan is also known as “Gadgil Yojana”?
a) Second Five Year Plan,
b) Third Five Year Plan,
c) Fourth Five Year Plan,
d) Fifth Five Year Plan
Ans:- Third Five Year Plan

1 Where is the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) located?
a) Hyderabad,
b) Mumbai,
c) Kolkata,
d) Bangalore
Ans:-  Mumbai

1 Which of the following days is observed as the International Day for Tolerance?
a) October 2,
b) November 16,
c) October 24,
d) October 16
Ans– November 16

1 What is the full form of POS?
a) Permission of Sale,
b) Point of Sale,
c) Point of Support,
d) Potential of Service
Ans:-  Point of Sale

1 Which of the following programmer was launched by the government to develop rural infrastructure in India?
a) SHGs,
b) Bharat Nirman,
d) IAY
Ans:-  Bharat Nirman

1 Who among the following is the current Chief of National Security Guards?
a) AK Mitra,
b) JK Dutt,
c) NPS Aulakh,
d) R C Tayal
Ans:- R C Tayal

1 Which of the following is not a banking term?
a) Overdraft,
b) CBS,
c) Equator,
d) Account payee
Ans:-  Equator

1 BR Act controls banking activities in India. What does the letter R denote?
a) Reformation,
b) Regulation,
c) Reporting,
d) Ranking
Ans:-  Regulation


1 Which is the first Indian company to be listed in NASDAQ?
a) TCS,
b) Reliance,
c) Infosys,
d) Wipro,
Ans:- Infosys

1 Green Revolution started in?
a) 1964-65,
b) 1965-66,
c) 1966-67,
d) 1967-68
Ans:- 1966-67

Question No. 18 Which country currency is called Yen?
a) China,
b) North Korea,
c) South Korea,
d) Japan
Ans:-  Japan

1 Which of the following schemes has been successful in attracting children to come to school and get educated?
b) Food for Work,
c) Mid Day Meal,
Ans:- Mid Day Meal

1 Which of the following countries is not a member of ASEAN?
a) Pakistan,
b) Indonesia,
c) Singapore,
d) Malaysia
Ans:-  Pakistan

1 Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC) was initiated by which among the following countries?
a) India,
b) Sri Lanka,
c) Maldives,
d) Mauritius
Ans:-  Mauritius

1 With which game is Vijay Hazare Trophy associated?
a) Hockey,
b) Football,
c) Cricket,
d) Table Tennis
Ans:- Cricket

1 Which of the following groups/ organizations has funded a sports centre in Ramallah, Palestine?
c) IBSA,
Ans:-  IBSA

1 The term Bulls eye is associated with which of the following sports?
a) Badminton,
b) Boxing,
c) Shooting,
d) Cricket
Ans:-  Shooting

1. Which country lower house of Parliament is called Wolesi Jirga?
a) Russia,
b) Afghanistan,
c) Japan,
d) Pakistan
Ans:- Afghanistan

  1. Sales forecasting involves study of -.

1          Proper selling price

2          Sales planning

3          Distribution outlets

4          All of these


  1. Advertisements are required for

1          Boosting the production levels

2          Motivating the employees

3          Boosting the sales

4          All of these


  1. Price(P) is an important factor for effective marketing. What are the other P’s?

1          Product, Promotion and Place

2          Place, Persuasion and Promotion

3          Pride, Person and Place

4          Product, Paper and Person


  1. Only one of the following is true. Find the same.

1          Marketing is not required in monopolistic situation

2          Marketing has no role to play in production levels

3          Marketing depends on competitors’ performance

4          Marketing is not required in Public enterprises


  1. Market segmentation helps in -.

1          Focused marketing

2          Improved lead generation

3          Identifying the target group

4          All of the above


  1. Digital Marketing is -.

1          a way of Direct Marketing

2          a way of Indirect Marketing

3          a strategy of the DSAs

4          All of these


  1. ATM means

1          Any Time Marketing

2          Any Time Money

3          Any Time Machine

4          Automatic Teller Machine


  1. Cross – selling means -.

1          Selling to Red Cross members

2          Selling to Blue Cross members

3          Selling across countries

4          Selling other products to existing customers


  1. Bank assurance means -.

1          Assurance given by banks to Loanees

2          Assurance to bank with one bank

3          Assurance to repay loans

4          Selling insurance products through banks


  1. The Target Group for Credit Cards is -.

1          All Card holders

2          All existing borrowers

3          Individuals with taxable income

4          All of these


  1. A `Target Group’ in Marketing means -.

1          To whom the sales should be directed

2          A Group of Sellers

3          A Group of Buyers

4          A Group of Products


  1. CRM means -.

1          Customer Relationship Management

2          Customer Retention Manager

3          Customers’ Relatives Meet

4          Channel Route Market


  1. Value-added services means -.

1          Giving full value for money

2          Better value for higher price

3          Costlier service

4          Additional service


  1. `Benchamark’ means -.

1          Products lined up on a bench

2          Salesmen sitting on a bench

3          Set standards

4          Mark on a bench


  1. A DSA means -.

1          Directly Selling Authority

2          Directly Selling Agent

3          Direct Selling Authority

4          Direct Selling Agent


  1. A presentation means

1          Display of products

2          Explaining the utility of products or plan

3          A gift

4          Display of Communication skils


  1. Marketing in Banks is required for -.

1          Getting new customers

2          Lending

3          Accepting of deposits

4          All of these


  1. According to a report released by the UN in October 2009, how many people worldwide go hungry?

1          75 million

2          1 billion

3          1.5 billion

4          2 billion


  1. When did the largest cruise liner “Oasis of the Sea” start its maiden voyage?

1          September 2009

2          October 2009

3          November 2009

4          December 2009


  1. The annual use of global water resources for agriculture, according to UN Food and Agriculture Organization, is

1          50 percent

2          55 percent

3          70 percent

4          75 percent


  1. As per the State of the Forest Report (SFR) 2009 aims to add 20,000 MW of power by the year

1          21.05%

2          21.07%

3          21.02%

4          21.03%


  1. Which of the following Articles empowers the High Court to issue writs for the enforcement of fundamental Rights?

1          Article 225

2          Article 226

3          Article 227

4          Article 228


  1. Who among the following is the author of the book “My Music, My Love”?

1          Zakir Hussain

2          Amjad Ali Khan

3          K. S. Subbulakshmi

4          Ravi Shankar


  1. Who amongst the following is the author of the book “No Full Stops in India”?

1          Mark Tully

2          B.K. Nehru

3          D.R. Mankekar

4          R.K. Narayan


  1. Who committed the most daring murder of Sir Curzen Wyllie in 1907 in a public meeting in London?

1          B.N. Dutta

2          M.L. Dhingra

3          Sardar Ajit Singh

4          S.C. Chatterjee


  1. Ahalyabai, the saintly queen of Maheshwar (Central India) belonged to which dynasty?

1          Scindia dynasty

2          Peshwa dynasty

3          Holkar dynasty

4          Rajput dynasty


  1. Which one of the following diseases is caused due to presence of excess arsenic in water?

1          Alzheimer’s disease

2          Parkinson’s disease

3          Skin cancer

4          Indigestion


  1. Cortes Generales is the name of the Parliament of which one of the following countries?

1          Norway

2          Spain

3          Sweden

4          Denmark


  1. Who was the Defence Minister of India during the Indo-China War of 1962?

1          R. N. Thapar

2          Jagjivan Ram

3          V. K. Krishna Menon

4          Govind Ballabh Pant


  1. The development of which of the following administrative concepts could be attributed to German Sociologist, Max Weber?

1          Democracy

2          Bureaucracy

3          Pluralism

4          Corporatism


  1. Which one of the following is responsible for blue baby syndrome?

1          Fluoride

2          Nitrate

3          Arsenic

4          Lead


  1. Workers of paint industry are exposed to which one of the following hazards?

1          Nickel pollution

2          Cadmium pollution

3          Strontium pollution

4          Lead pollution


  1. Which one of the following States/UTs of the country has more than fifty percent tribal population of the total population.

1          Andaman and Nicobar Islands

2          Dadra and Nagar Haveli

3          Himachal Pradesh

4          Puducherry


  1. Who was Francisco De Almeida?

1          Dutch Viceroy in India

2          Portuguese Viceroy in India

3          French Viceroy in India

4          English Viceroy in India


  1. Who propounded the Saptanga Theory?

1          Manu

2          Charaka

3          Kautilya

4          Tulsidas


  1. Which one of the following is not a Parliamentary Committee?

1          Demands for Grants Committee

2          Committee on Public Accounts

3          Committee on Public Undertakings

4          Committee on Estimates


  1. Which one of the following is the deepest point in the ocean floor?

1          Challenger Deep

2          Milwaukee Deep

3          Java Trench

4          Philippine Trench


  1. Which region of India was ruled by Sultan Zain-ul Abidin?

1          Assam

2          Delhi

3          Kashmir

4          Orissa


  1. The Santhal rebellion of 1855-56 resulted in the creation of a separate geographical entity known as Santhal Parganas for the tribals. Who were the leaders associated with the rebellion?

1          Sidhu and Chakara

2          Chakara and Bogra

3          Sidhu and Kanhu

4          Dora and Chakara


  1. Who among the following was not a member of the Royal Commission on the Public Services in India, 1912?

1          Gopal Krishna Gokhale

2          Valentine Ghirol

3          Abdur Rahim

4          Bal Gangadhar Tilak


  1. India, in December 2009, announced to have successfully mapped the human genome, joining – to have achieved this feat before.

1          USA and China

2          United Kingdom

3          Canada and South Korea

4          All of the Above


  1. American scientists recently found a hormone, -, which controls mechanism of human reproduction.

1          GnIP

2          GnIH

3          GnIM

4          GnIH


  1. Researchers from Columbia Initiative in Systems Biology recently discovered two genes, C/EPB and Stat3, responsible for the most aggressive forms of human —.

1          Hepatitis B

2          AIDS

3          Blood Cancer

4          Brain cancer


  1. U.S. scientists recently claimed to have developed a slimming pill, -, that can burn off as many calories as 80 minutes of walk or a 25-minute jog.

1          Capsiplex

2          Chilplex

3          Pepiplex

4          Capperplex


  1. Economist —, a Nobel laureate and winner of the National Medal of Science, died in Cambridge on December 13, 2009.

1          Allen McNeil

2          Paul a. Samuelson

3          Richard Spencer

4          Roger J. Cohen


  1. On which date did Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin inaugurate the East-Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline?

1          December 28

2          December 1

3          December 17

4          December 8


  1. Alstom was, on December 11, 2009, awarded a supply contract by Termgetsoelektrarna Sostanj for the construction of a coal-fired steam power plant at Sostanj in northeast

1          Croatia

2          Latvia

3          Belarus

4          Slovenia


  1. On which date was the Copenhagen Accord on climate change passed in Danish capital?

1          December 16

2          December 19

3          December 25

4          December 31


  1. Which of the following pairs (Recent Books: Authors) is not correct?

1          Ama 0 A Story of the Slave Trade: Manu Herbstel

2          Boys & Girls Be Ambitious: C. Sylendra Babu

3          I Accuse…The Anti Sikh Violence of 1984: Jarnail Singh

4          Wedding Aajkal – Karol Bagh to Kerala: Sridhar Reddy


  1. Who among the following has authored the recently published book, “Think Big! Becoming Big! – Fulfill Your Dreams”?

1          Tarun Engineer

2          William Cline

3          Ahmad Bashir

4          Rajnish Parashar


  1. Which of the following pairs (Recent Books: Authors) is not correct?

1          The Confession of Sultana Daku: Sujit Saraf

2          Memories of Life in Lhasa Under Chinese Rule: Tubten Khetsun

3          Zero Percentile: Neeraj Chhibba

4          Ethics and Evnironment: Nishant Chhibba


  1. Who among the following is the author of recently published book, “Not by Reason Alone – The Politics of Change”?

1          A. Ranga Reddy

2          N.K. Singh

3          Sanjay Nahar

4          Prashant Talnikar


  1. Kaiane Aldorino of —, on December 12, 2009, won the 2009 Miss World crown at a glittering ceremony in Johannesburg, defeating 111 contestants from across the world.

1          Gibraltar

2          Mexico

3          Venezuela

4          Poland


  1. Celebrated playback singer – was conferred France’s highest civilian award, the Officer of the Legion of Honour on December 2, 2009.

1          Jagjit Singh

2          Asha Bhosale

3          Manna Dey

4          Lata Mangeshkar


  1. India-born —, a member of U.S. President Barack Obama’s faith advisory council, on December 4, 2009, won the 2010 Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion.

1          Satyendra Mittal

2          Eboo Patel

3          Sunil Kulkarni

4          Anish Mathur


  1. Chairman and Group CEO of Bharti Enterprises Sunil Mittal was, on December 15, 2009, conferred the 10th National Award in New Delhi.

1          Vallabh Bhai Patel

2          Guljarilal Nanda

3          Lal Bahadur Shastri

4          Rajiv Gandhi


  1. The – County Council, in December 2009, entered into a partnership with TCS for making it easier for residents of the Welsh town to access council services.

1          Wimbledon

2          Leicestershire

3          Cardiff

4          Salisbury


  1. ONGC, on December 23, 2009, announced to have made two gas discoveries in the well — drilled in the Kutch offshore block-1 in western coast.

1          GK-21-1

2          GK-26-1

3          GK-28-1

4          GK-36-1


  1. Chinese President Hu Jintao, on December 12, 2009, attended the inauguration ceremony of the Cina-Kazakhstan natural gas pipeline in

1          Beijing

2          Astana

3          Kiev

4          Nobrosky


  1. The — desert, on December 7, 2009, hosted a very modern spectacle when Sir Richard Branson unveiled Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two (SS2).

1          Mojave

2          Atacama

3          Sahara

4          Thar


  1. On which date was Australian pace legend Dennis Lille inducted into the International Cricket Council’s Hall of Fame?

1          December 9

2          December 17

3          December 4

4          December 29


  1. —, architect of Russia’s “shock” market reforms in the 1990s, died in Moscow on December 16, 2009.

1          Yuri Sanchez

2          Mikhail Rasputin

3          Alexander Lukhov

4          Yegor Gaidar


  1. The U.S. Senate, on December 24, 2009, approved the nomination of – to head the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

1          Anil Gujral

2          Mahesh Tyagi

3          Rajiv Shah

4          Pankaj Sinha


  1. Hollywood actress —-, noted for her roles in movies like The White Hotel and Clueless, died in Los Angeles after suffering a cardiac arrest on December 20, 2009.

1          Meryl Streep

2          Samantha Fox

3          Eva Green

4          Brittany Murphy


  1. Vitali Klitschko, on December 13, 2009, retained his WBC heavyweight title, scoring a unanimous points decision over – of the United States in Bern.

1          David Clayton

2          Kevin Johnson

3          Mark Richardson

4          Alex Montfort


  1. —, on December 27, 2009, won the 38th senior National men’s handball championship, dethroning Services in the final in Kolkata.

1          Railways

2          State Bank of India

3          Jharkhand

4          Chhattisgarh


  1. Boris Gelfand of Israel, on December 15, 2009 won the Chess World Cup, defeating former World champion Ruslan Ponomariov of – in Khanty Mansiysk in Russia.

1          Latvia

2          Uzbekistan

3          Ukraine

4          Russia


  1. —, in December 2009, became the first Indian boxer to clinch a gold medal in the inter-continental President’s Cup, winning the flyweight (51 kg) final in Baku.

1          Suranjoy Singh

2          Avinash Duggal

3          Mohnish Sharma

4          Dinesh Gunjal


  1. Sriram Jha, on December 9, 2009, became India’s – Grandmaster by completing his final Grandmaster-norm in the 47th National premier chess championship at Mumbai.

1          16th

2          21st

3          26th

4          32nd


  1. The – Finance Commission headed by Vijay Kelkar, on December 30, 2009, submitted its five-year roadmap for fiscal consolidation to the Union Government.

1          11th

2          12th

3          13th

4          14th


  1. Reliance Industries Ltd., on December 22, 2009, announced a third successive gas discovery in the – deep-sea block in the Krishna-Godavari basin, off the east coast.

1          D9

2          D3

3          D34

4          D32


  1. On which date in 2009 did the Central Board of Direct Taxes notify the Income-tax (13th Amendment) Rules, 2009?

1          December 11

2          December 31

3          December 1

4          December 18


  1. According to latest government data released in December 2009, industrial production grew by an impressive – per cent in October, 2009, against 0.1 per cent in 2008.

1          8.9

2          9.8

3          10.3

4          11.5


  1. The government of -, on December 8, 2009, unveiled $81 billion of new stimulus spending to keep the world’s second-biggest economy from lurching back into recession.

1          USA

2          Great Britain

3          United Arab Emirates

4          Japan


  1. Reliance Exploration and Production DMCC and Ecopetrol, on December 4, 2009, signed the Farm-out Agreements, for Borojo North Block 42 and South Block 43 in-

1          Colombia

2          Venezuela

3          Brazil

4          Argentina


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