Most Important GK questions for upcoming banking exams

Aspirants who are preparing for gov exams and other competitive exams must read below questions and consider as important for upcoming exams

Question 1

The first European country to sign the MoU on establishment of Nalanda University is _____.

a) Russia

b) Portugal

c) Spain

d) Poland

Answer : b) Portugal

Question 2

Uttar Pradesh Government launched mobile app called mSehat for _____.

a) Farmers

b) health workers

c) Engineers

d) Doctors

Answer : b) health workers

Question 3

World Food Day is celebrated on ______.

a) 16 October

b) 13 October

c) 12 October

d) 10 October

Answer : a) 16 October

Note : The Theme of 2015 is “Social Protection and Agriculture.”

Question 4

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is observed on ______

a) 16 October

b) 12 October

c) 17 October

d) 10 October

Answer : c) 17 October

Note : The Theme of 2015 is “Building a sustainable future: Coming together to end poverty and discrimination.”

Question 5

World Statistics Day is on _____

a) 20 October

b) 15 October

c) 17 October

d) 12 October

Answer : a) 20 October

Note : The theme of 2015 is “Better Data, Better Lives”.

Question 6

Name the city where Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference 2015 was held.

a) Malaybalay

b) Mexico

c) Manduluyong

d) Mandaue

Answer : b) Mexico

Question 7

Which country has announced that it will permanently station a military unit in the Arctic by 2018?

a) Germany

b) France

c) Russia

d) Brazil

Answer : c) Russia

Question 8

Name the two countries who has signed Strategic Inverstment Agreements for building three nuclear plants.

a) Brazil and Germany

b) China and India

c) Russia and China

d) Britain and China

Answer : d) Britain and China

Question 9

First World Indigenous Games began in Brazil on ____

a) 22 October 2015

b) 23 October 2015

c) 25 October 2015

d) 15 September 2015

Answer : b) 23 October 2015

Question 10

Who has been awarded with 2015 Confucius Peace Prize?

a) Robert Mugabe

b) Juan Manuel Santos

c) Sergio Mattarella

d) Uhuru Kenyatta

Answer : a) Robert Mugabe

Question 11

Which government has announced New Integrated Licensing Policy 2015?

a) Maharashtra

b) Haryana

c) Delhi

d) Karnataka

Answer : b) Haryana

Question 12

______ became the first person of Indian Origin (PIO) to be elected as the mayor of a major city in Germany.

a) S R Nathan

b) Navanethem Pillay

c) Rohit Gupta

d) Ashok-Alexander Sridharan

Answer : d) Ashok-Alexander Sridharan

Question 13

The first Indian who won Silver Medal in Archery World Cup Final is ____.

a) Rajat Chauhan

b) Abhishek Verma

c) Sandeep Kumar

d) None of these

Answer : b) Abhishek Verma

Question 14

World Polio Day was observed on ____.

a) 25 September

b) 23 October

c) 24 October

d) 25 October

Answer : c) 24 October

Question 15

Which government has signed two memorandums with Japan for development of infrastructure?

a) Karnataka

b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Maharashtra

Answer : b) Andhra Pradesh

Question 16

India’s first AC double-decker Shatabdi train will soon run between ____.

a) Mumbai – Goa

b) Delhi – Mumbai

c) Agra – Mumbai

d) Goa – Kerala

Answer : a) Mumbai – Goa

Question 17

On 22 Oct 2015, World Bank has announced that _____ became the World’s largest remittance recipient.

a) China

b) Britain

c) England

d) India

Answer : d) India

Question 18

Which of the following two countries began Joint Naval Exercise SLINEX 2015?

a) India and Syria

c) Poland and Serbia

c) India and Srilanka

d) India and Sudan

Answer : c) India and Srilanka

Questions 19

The first women President of Nepal is ____.

a) Judith Weir

b) Bidhya Devi Bhandari

c) Jeanine Tesori

d) Audra McDonald

Answer : b) Bidhya Devi Bhandari

Question 20
Who has won Silver in men’s club throw F51 event of IPC Altheletics World Championships 2015?

a) Zeljko Dimitrijevic

b) Amit Kumar Saroha

c) Milos Mitic

d) Devendra Jhajharia

Answer : b) Amit Kumar Saroha


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