September 2017 current affairs

q1- Arjan Singh passed away on 16th September 2017. Who was he?

ans- Marshal of indian force

Q2- Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated to the nation the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The foundation stone of this dam was laid by whom?

Ans- Jawahar lal Nehru

Q3-  Russia has recently restored air travel with _______

ANS- Iraq

Q4-  Who won the Korea Open title?

Ana- P.V.Sindhu

Q5- Which Indian startup has won a prestigious award in Israel for developing an affordable modular greenhouse that aims to give farmers steady & dependable income?

Ans- Kheyti

Q6- According to Indian Railways, passengers in reserved coaches can only sleep between _____ pm & ______ am to allow others to sit on the seats for the rest of the time.

Ans- 10, 6

Q7-  Which company is fined for denying to repair a car on warranty?

Ans- Maruti Suzuki

Q8- Name the NASA’s spacecraft that ended its 20-year-long groundbreaking journey with a fiery plunge into Saturn’s crushing atmosphere.

Ans- Cassini

Q9-  Sardar Sarovar Dam is the world’s ____ largest dam.

Ans- 2nd

Q10- Name the Long-endangered animal who was recently upgraded to the ‘vulnerable’ status.

Ans- Snow Leopord

Q11-  Which country is planning to re-measure the height of Mount Everest?

Ans- Nepal

Q12- Bjarni Benediktsson recently resigned. He was the Prime Minister of which country?

Ans- Iceland

Q13- Russia and ________ have restored scheduled commercial airline services for the first time since 2004?

Ans – Iraq

Q14-  Which state has planned to drop seeds using helicopters for planting Mangroves?

Ans- Maharastra

Q15-  India recently started exporting Diesel to which country?

Ans- Myanamar

Q16- Dreamers program which was abolished by Trump, aimed to protect:

Ans- Child Imigrants

Q17- Aung San Suu kyi is State Counselor of which country?

Ans- Myanmar

Q18- Which country has begun remeasuring the Mount Everest to check if the height of the world’s tallest peak was altered by a powerful earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015?

Ans- Nepal

Q19- Which payments bank has become the 1st payments bank in India to integrate Unified Payments Interface on its digital platform?

Ans- Airtel Payments Bank

Q20- Name the joint military exercises that is being carried out between Indian and U.S. armies at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington?

Ans- Yudh Abhays

Q21- Which stock exchange has acquired market analytics firm eVestment?

Ans- Nasadaq

Q22- Who among the following was conferred the President’s Medal for her meritorious service by Governor Vajubhai Vala?

Ans- D Roopa

Q23- Which airlines has launched a direct flight to Copenhagen, as part of it’s plan to expand its international operations with services to overseas destinations?

Ans- Air India

Q24-  India won _______ medal in double trap at World Shotgun Championship.

Ans- Silver

Q25- According to HSBC, India is likely to overtake Japan and Germany to become the third largest economy by _________.

Ans- 2028

Q26- Who among the following became the youngest cricketer to claim 100 T20 wickets?

Ans- Rashid Khan

Q27-  PM Modi is on his trip to _______

Ans- Myanamar

Q28-The joint military exercise ”Iron Union 5″ is being carried out between ground forces of which 2 countries?

Ans- U.A. And UAE

Q29- Who is the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi?

ANs- Anjali Baijlal

Q30-  Who is the secretary general of UN?

Ans- Antonio Guterrs

Q31- Which state has signed an MoU to build India’s first hyperloop?

Ans- Aandra Pradesh

Q32- Which is the first Indian state to approve e-vehicle policy?

Ans- Karnatka

Q33- Which country recently relaxed its visa rules for Indians?

Ans- UAE

Q34- India launched Operation ____ to help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Ans- Insaniyat

Q35- 28th September was observed as?

Ans- World Rabies Day

Q36- With which network SK Telecom of Korea ties up for advanced telecom network in India?

Ans- Bharti Airtel

Q37-  In India which state create Wifi zone in the 6,078-gram panchayats?
Ans:- Haryana.

Q38- Which union Minister to inaugurate NDMA’s 13th Formation Day?
Ans:- Shri Rajnath Singh.

Q39-What is the name of the scheme which was approved by the Union Cabinet recently?
Ans:- Umbrella scheme of Modernisation of Police Forces.

Q40-  Standard Chartered joint hands as a shareholder with which bank in Swift India?
Ans:- Citibank.

Q41- Who has been appointed as Chairman of Economic Advisory Council?
Ans:- Bibek Debroy.

Q42- Who launched portal ‘PENCIL’ to eliminate child labour?
Ans:- Rajnath Singh.

Q43-Which city will host 2024 Sumer Olympic Games?

Ans- Paris

Q44-Headquarter of NATO is in _____

Ans- Brussels

Q45-  Which state forms steering committee to monitor drug de-addiction recently?
Ans:- Punja.

 Q46- Which company became the world’s most valuable brand in Interbrand’s 2017?
Ans:- Apple.

Q47- Israel agreed to provide increased support of which Indian State’s White Revolution?
Ans:- Haryana

Q48- WikiLeaks website was hacked by whom?
Ans:- OurMine hacker group.

 Q49- Which Indian State launched a new scheme to hedge price risks in agriculture?
Ans:- Madhya Pradesh.

Q50- Which company has introduced a new vision processing unit (VPU) called Movidius Myriad X?
Ans:- Intel

Q51-  SBI cuts minimum average balance from Rs 5,000 to?
Ans:- 3,000.

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