sitting arangement

Seven friends A , B, C, D, E, F, G are going to seven cities in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Agra , Nainital , Hyderabad and Indore on different seven days of weeks starting from Monday to Sunday .Each  of them likes seven different colours viz. Red, Blue, Purple, Green , Orange, Yellow, Violet .But not necessary in the same order .

Gis going to Nanital on Wednesday but likes neither Blue nor Green . The one who like Green colour is going to Bangalore .D is going on Monday. A likes Red colour . The one who is going to Agra on Tuesday does not like Red colour .B likes Blue colour . F is going to Indore on Sunday. E neither is going to Agra nor likes Green Colour . C likes either Orange or Violet colour. The one who likes Violet colour is going to Hyderabad.F does not like Purple colour. A is going to Delhi on Thursday .E is not going on Saturday.


Q1- In which  of the following day is E is going on?

ans- Friday

Q2-The one who likes Red colour ?


Q3- Which of the following is going to on Mumbai?


Q4-Which of the following is going to Nainital?


Q5- The one who likes Violet Colour?



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