Railway NTPC Exam top gk questions – Most Imp General Knowledge in Hindi

Top GK 200 Questions Answers  General Knowledge  


Under-19 Cricket Asia Cup 2018 Which Team Wins – India
Which state has launched the Empowerment Kisan Yojana and the Agri Group Scheme – Arunachal Pradesh
Which State Launched Construction Kusum Program – Odisha
Who has been appointed a Deputy Advisor – R. N. Sun
Who is the Chairman of the Reorganized Environmental Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority – Bhure Lal
Who gave the Nobel Prize for 2018 in Economics – William Nordhouse and Paul Romer
What is India’s location in terms of adoption of e-payment system – 28th
What is the theme of World Teacher’s Day 2018 – Right to Education means a Qualified Teacher’s Right
Who was appointed the Chief Statistics Officer of India – 5th September
Which state of India first launched “Methanol Cooking Fuel Program” – Assam
Who has been appointed the Ambassador of India at UN Disarmament Conference – Pankaj Sharma
 In which city the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference of Indian Region is being organized – Guwahati
To facilitate air travel, the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation has decided to initiate the initiative – Diji Tour
In which city the Regional Summon was organized recently in Shimla – women in custody and access to law?

What is the theme of the fourth Indian International Science Festival 2018 – science for change
Which Central Ministry has won ‘Sanatai Hai Seva’ Award – Railway Ministry
Which Woman Scientist Wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 – Frances Arnold
What is the theme of World Housing Day 2018 – Municipal Solid Waste Management
The first meeting of the International Solar Coalition was organized in which city – New Delhi
In which country was the inauguration of the world’s largest gumband – India
In which city the Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Conference was concluded – New Delhi
Who will be led by the ministerial group for “disaster tax” under GST – Sushil Modi
In which city the Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Conference was concluded – New Delhi
Who has been appointed Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund – Geeta Gopinath
Nationwide Gram Panchayat Action Research Project was started from which city – Gwalior
Which state created the first state to provide legal protection to people who helped in the accident – Karnataka
 Who will represent the Indian team in 2018 Asian Men’s Hockey Championship in Muscat – Manpreet Singh
Arun Kumar was appointed Director General of Railway Protection Force (RPF), what is the motto of the RPF – service and loyalty
The policy commission has entered into an agreement with which company to stop delivery of counterfeit drugs – Oracle

In which state the use of methanol-based cooking fuel for the first time in India – Assam
What is the theme of World Rabies Day 2018 – Rabies: Share the message, save a life
8th Asian Yoga Sports Championships in which city – Thiruvananthapuram
In which country did the Government of India establish Ayush Information Cell recently – Romania
Who was appointed the new Director General of Border Security Force (BSF) – Rajni Kant Mishra
Who was appointed the new Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission – Kamlesh Nilkanth Vyas
Who was declared the ‘Best Heritage City’ for the National Tourism Award 2016-17 – Ahmedabad and Mandu
The India-Bangladesh Border Conference was recently organized in which city – Aizawl
Which state has decided to start the post of ‘firewoman’ – Kerala
Who is the Brand Ambassador of Tribes India – Mary Kom
Who won the United Nations’ highest environmental honor ‘Champions of the Earth 2018’ – Narendra Modi
What is the theme of World Tourism Day 2018 – Tourism and Digital Transformation

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