Most Important Expected GK Questions for upcoming Gov. Exams – IBPS,SSC,SSB,NDA,CDS

Hello Students, Here are Top most important and most expected GK and current affairs questions including computer knowledge for upcoming gov exams like IBPS Clerk and PO, Railways, Police, SSC, SSB, Clerks, TET, B.Ed. BTC and other competitive exams . Below questions including GK, Current affairs and general computer questions are expected to be asked in upcoming gov. exams as well as other competitive exams like MBA, HM etc. We will keep you updated with other expected questions in future :

1. What is the Currency of Saudi Arabia – Saudi Riyal

2. What is the capital of Hawana  – Cuba

3. Who is the Head of HDFC Bank – Aditya Puri

4. What is the Full form of ASDL  – Aerospace System Design Laboratory

5. What is Full form of HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

6. What does UNU stands for – United Nations University

7. What is the Currency of Nigeria – Nigerian Naira

8. What is the Full Form of  RIDF – Rural Infrastructure Development Fund

9. BRICS Stands for (Full form of BRICS) – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

10. Keoladeo National Park is situated – Rajasthan (Bharatpur)

11. FEMA Full Form  – Foreign Exchange Management Act (1999)

12. URL Full Form  – Uniform resource locator

13. EVM Full Form – Electronic Voting Machine

14. RTGS Full Form – Real Time Gross Settlement

15. MMID Full Form – Mobile Money Identifier

16. ISDN Full Form – Integrated Services Digital Network

17. What is the Capital of Afganistan- kabul

18. What is the Currency of Bhutan- Ngultrum

19. Author of Gods of Antarctica Book – Master Yashvardhan Shukla

20. Full Form of KVP – Kisan Vikas Patra

21. MICR Full Form – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code (MICR Code)

22. Eight Lives written by – Rajmohan Gandhi

23. International Day of Disabled Persons – 3rd December

24. What is the amount of Personal accident cover in Jan Dhan Yojana – 1 lakh

25. Largest public sector insurance company is – LIC

26. Shortcut key to undo last step in Excel – Ctrl+ Z

27. Shortcut key to make characters italics – Ctrl + I

28. Constituency of Hema Malini – Mathura

29. Dholera International Airport Located in – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

30. First RRB located at – Uttar Pradesh

31. Korba Super Thermal Power Station situated in which state – Chattisgarh, Korba district, Jamnipali (Name plate capacity – 2600MW)

32. IRDA Full Form – Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority 

33. IRDA Headquarter – Hyderabad

34. UNIDO Full Form – United Nations Industrial Development Organization

35. UNIDO Head office – Vienna, Austria

36. Full Form of NCR – National Capital Region

37. IFSC Full Form – Indian Financial System Code.

38. ECGL full form – Executive Centre of Global Leadershi

39. RTGS full form- Real Time Gross Settlemen

40. Capital of Thailand  – Bangkok

41. What is the Currency of China – Renminbi

42. Overdraft facility amount in PMJDY – Rs. 5000

43. National Humans Rights day celebrated on – 10 Dec

44. Who is the Author of Half Girl Friend – Chetan Bhagat

45. Nalanda University situated is in which state – Bihar

46. Where is ISRO situated – Bangaluru

47. Satish Dhawan Space Centre is in – Sriharikota

48. ISRO Full Form – Indian Space Research Organization

49. Ghoomer Dance  – Rajasthan

50. PDF Full Form – Portable Document Format

51. FCCB Full Form – Foreign Currency Convertible Bon

52. RTGS Full Form – Real Time Gross Settlement

53. FTZ Full Form  – Free-Trade Zone

54. What is the Currency of Indonesia – Rupiah

55. What is the Capital of Canada – Ottawa

56. Nasik Situated on the bank of River  – Godavari

57. Shortcut key of making italic font – ctrl + I

58. Which file is DOCx – MS word

59. Who is the Author of the narrow road to deep north – Richard Flanagan (Sixth Novel)

60. UNIDO Full Form – United Nations Industrial Development organization

61. UNIDO Head Office – Vienna, Austria

62. Pankaj Advani is Related to which game – Snooker

63. Author of Unbreakable – M C Marykom

64. Where is Headquarters of International Maritime Organization – London

65. What is the Capital of Turkey – Ankara

66. KYC Full Form  – Know your Customer.

67. NPA Full Form  – Non-Performing Asset.

68. BC Full Form  – Banking Correspondent.

69. NEFT Full Form – National Electronic Fund Transfer

70. What is PLR replaced by – Base rate

71. Martha Dodrey is associated with  – Polio

72. What is Bankasurance – by banking Chanel

73. What is the name of Card for Farmers – kisan credit card

74. World Diabetes day is — 14 November

75.SLR Stands for — Statutory Liquidity ratio

76. Bank Rate – Rate at which RBI provide loan to commercial banks

77. ATM setup and operated by non banking entities called as  – White Label ATM

78. NSAP (National Social Assistance Program)  is related with which leader- Indira Gandhi

79. What will happen if If RBI reduces CRR : Credit Supply increases and loans get cheaper.

80. Which account convert physical share in electronic form – Demat Account

81. NPCI 24×7 is related to – Remittance Processing Services

82. Which organization deals with complaints of Consumers- – Consumer Organization

83. Who is the Author of Satanic Verses – Salman Rushdie

84. What is the Venue of Olympic 2020 – Tokyo, Japan

85.  Capital of Armenian– Yerevon

86. Full form of EDC – Electronic Data Capture Machine

87. Which Leader statue will be World Largest statue soon –  Sardar Vallabbhai Patel

88. CTS Full Form : Cheque Truncation System

89. Software used in Banking System- – Core banking software

90. KYC norms  issued by which Bank – RBI ( to stop money laundering activities).

91. 9 digit code written on Cheque is known as – MICR code

92. What is the Name of the scheme to include every people under banking system – Financial Inclusion

93. Who controls Cobra Post and Tehelka- – Aniruddha Bahal

94. BSBDA  Full Form – Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account

95. What is the currency of Brazil  – Real

96. Largest coffe exporting state in India : Karnataka

97. ECS stands for  – Electronic Clearing System

98. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is located in which state– Andhra Pradesh

99. Play back singer who got Bharat Ratna — Lata mangeskar (2001)

100. Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) in cheque has how many character– 9 digit

101. Author of Casual Vacancy– J.K Rowling.

102. Purchase a commodity or security in one market for immediate sale in another market is known as- Arbitrage

103. Online Alert Securities measures by RBI are for: Debit/ Credit card holders

104. Largest Exporter Gold- China

105. Sergey Bubka is related to which sports– Pole Vaulter.

106. Largest Producing Country of Coffee- Brazil

107. Author of Devdas  – Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay

108. Enterprise where investment in plant and machinery does not exceed 25 lakh – Micro enterprise

109. Name the Credit information agency-Cibil

110. Central bank of India-RBI

111. To increase liquidly –Repo rate must be decreased

112. RTGS Stands for  – Real time Gross Settlement

113. NVRAM Full Form – Non-volatile Random Access Memory.

114. State with Highest Rural Population – Uttar Pradesh (UP)

115. Author of Playing it my way – Sachin Tendulkar.

116. Headquarters of UNESCO – Paris

117. Currency of Italy – Euro

118. Commonwealth games 2018 officially known as – XXI Commonwealth Games

119. Commonwealth Games 2018 commonly known as – Gold Coast 2018

120. Commonwealth Games 2018 will be played at – Gold Coast, Queensland

121. Commonwealth Games 2018 will be held on – 4-15 April 2018

122. URL Stands for  – Uniform Resource Locator.

123. What is the Capital of sweden – Stockholm.

124. Amortization – Process of decreasing or accounting for an amount

125. What is the Duration of PPF accounts – 15 years

126. Study of fungi is called as – Mycology

127. SIDBI Headquarter is located in  – Lucknow

128. SIDBI Full Form – Small Industries Development Bank of India

129. Alibaba is a company of – China

130. Ruble is a currency of – Russia

131. NHB is a subsidiary of – RBI

132. IDFC Headquarter  – Mumbai

133. First Indian Scientist Bhart Ratna award in 1954 – C. V. Raman

134. India’s first Credit Information Company – CIBIL

135. Row Conversion of Physical Security in Electronic Form – DEMAT

136. Indian Overseas Bank Headquarter is located in – Chennai

137. BASEL norms is related to – Banking

138. Date of implementation of Bharat Stage – Vth – 2019

139. New currency included in IMF is  – Chinese Yuan
140. ADB Headquarter – Manila

141. Bandhan bank is a  – Commercial Bank

142. India’s literacy rate as per census 2011 – 74.04%

143. First Micro Finance Company Fully Subsidies – Bandhan Bank

144. Bank Bureau Board top official – RBI governor

145. Kanha National Park is located in – Madhya Pradesh

146. Mount Abu located in Which state – Rajasthan

147. Dachigam National park located as – Jammu and Kashmir
148. National Voter day – 25th Jan

149. Yoga day – 21st June
150. Current Secretary General of Commonwealth – Dominica’s Patricia Scotland

151. Google is a – Search Engine
152. Secretary General for Commonwealth elected for – 4 Years

153. Current Commonwealth Secretary Genearal Dominica’s Patricia Scotland was replaced byKamalesh Sharma on 1st April 2016

154. WAN stands for  – Wide Area Network

155. NEFT Full Form  – National Electronic Funds Transfer.

156. HTML Full Form –  Hyper Text Markup Language

157. ISDN Full Form – Integrated Services for Digital Network

158. GST Full Form – Goods and Services Tax

159. What is the Capital of Fiji – Suva.

160. Currency of New Zealand  – New Zealand dollar

161. WHO headquarters  – Geneva

162. Linux is – Open Source OS.

163. Headquarters of Asian Development Bank – Manila

164.Name Constituency of Kalraj Mishra –  Deoria

165. Richard Flanagan belongs to which country – Australia

166. 1 TB equals how many Bytes – 1000000000 Bytes

167. Which of the following provide power backup to computer system – UPS

168. Individual dots images on a monitor called- Pixel

169. How a person can understand 0,1 (Binary) format – by decoding

170. What is refer to an upside down mouse – Track ball

171. In excel how to reverse last action shortcut- ctrl + z

172. In MS office 2007, the shortcut key to erase the words on the Right side of cursor is – Delete key

173 Conversion of windows to updated windows is called as  – Upgrade.

174. Touchpad is an – Input device

175. Full form of PROM – Programmable Read Only Memory

176. Full form of IP – Internet Protocol

177. Which  memory erased by ultra violet rays – EPROM

178. EPROM FULL FORM – Erasable Programmable Read only Memory

179. Machine language used by computer- Numeric

180. Binary number are composed of – 0 & 1

181. What happen when a file is emptied from recycle bin – Gets deleted Permanently

182.  Protocol used to move from one web page to other web page- HTTP.

183. Which type of Operating system MS DOS is – Command driven

184. Moving from one website to another website called as – Surfing.

185. DVD stands for – Digital Video Disc. 

186. PNG full form  – Portable Network Graphics.

187. VDU Full Form – Video Display Unit or Visual Display Unit

188. GDP Full form  – Gross Domestic Product

189. GUI Full Form – Graphical User Interface.

190. Capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

191. Currency of Japan is – Japanese Yen.

192. National education day is – Nov 11

193. Headquarter of UNICEF– New York City

194. Vikram Sarabhai space centre is located at – Thiruvananthapuram Kerala

195. KIRAN scheme is related to  – Women Scientists

196. ISP Full Form – Internet Service Provider

197. RTGS Full Form – Real Time Gross Settlement

198. WWW Stands for  – World Wide Web

199. VIRUS Full Form – Vital Information Resources Under Siege

200. DOS Full Form  – Disk Operating System

201. LSI Full Form – Latent Semantic Indexing

202. NBFC Full Form – Non-banking financial companies

203. NPPA Full Form – National pharmaceutical pricing authority

204. LTV Full Form – Loan-to-value.

205. IPO Full Form – Initial Public Offering

206. TDS Full Form – Tax Deducted at Source

207. FEMA Full Form – Foreign Exchange Management Act

208. NAB Full Form – National Association of Broadcaster.

209. URL Full Form – Uniform Resource Locator

210. Currency of Egypt – Egyptian pound.

211. Monetary policy regulated by – RBI

212. Who’s birth anniversary  celebrate as unity day – Sardar Patel

213. KYC implemented under which act – BR ACT 1949,

214. Cheque is defined under which act – Negotiable Instruments act,1881

215. Hindu kush is situated  – Between Afghanistan and Pakistan

216. What is the Capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh

217. What is the Currency of Greece – Euro.

218. World pneumonia day is – November 12th

219. ATS stands for – Anti Terrorism-Squad

220. Currency of Oman – Omani rial

221. What is the Capital of Kuwait – Kuwait City.

222. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – 25 November

223. Sardar Patel Birthday is celebrated as – National Unity day

224. IDFC Headquarter is  – Mumbai, Maharashtra
225. ECR Full Form – Earnings Credit Rate

226. OMO is an instrument of – RBI
227. CRAR full form – Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio
228. First smokeless village – Vyachakurahalli in Karnataka

229. Minimum denomination of Kisan Vikas patra – Rs. 1000

230. Bharat ratna starting year – 1954

231. ECB Full Form  – External  Commercial Borrowings

232. The interest rate in Gold scheme is decided by – RBI

233. VOIP Full form – Voice Over Internet Protocol

234. NPA Full form – Non-Performing Asset

235. BIOS Full form –  Basic Input Output System.

236. IPO Full form– Initial Public Offer.

237. NAV Full form– Net Asset Value.

238. ECS Full form- Electronic Clearing System

239. GIGO full form – Garbage In, Garbage Out

240. MS DOS is – Command Based Operating System

241. Shortcut key to go at the end of the page – Ctrl + End

242. Which of the following is an operating System – Windows 8

243. Shortcut key to go to the first line of the page – Ctrl + home

244. Capital of Saudi Arabia is – Riyadh.

245. Interest on Saving Account is given on which basis – Daily basis

246. Verse email is provided by which company – IBM

247. What is the Currency of Brazil – Brazilian real

248. Air force day is observed on – 8 October

249. Top Country in Asian games – China

250. Purpose of KYC – Money Laundering.

251. Who gave speech in Hindi in United Nations before Prime Minister Narendra Modi  – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

252. Headquarters of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – New York City

253. CBS Stands for – Core Banking Solution

254. ULIP Stands for – Unit-linked insurance plan

255. AQB Stands for  – Average Quaterly Balance.

256. EBT – Eriochrome Black T

257. PDA Stands for- Personal Digital Assistant.

258. GST Stands for – Goods and service Tax

259. Shortcut key of UNDO – ctrl +Z

260. Shortcut key of Find- Ctrl+F

261. Currency of Saudi Arabia – Saudi riyal.

262. Capital of Iraq – Baghdad

263. United nations day- – 24th October

264. International Non violence day is observed on – 2nd October

265. Ryder Cup is related to – – Golf

266. Capital of Austria – Vienna

267. New name of MCX – – Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd’, abbreviated as ‘mSXI

268. World Toilet day is – 19 Nov

269. World AIDS Day is observed on – 1 December

270. SEZ Stands for  – Special Economic Zone

271. UNEP Headquarter is  – Nairobi(Kenya)

272. Biggest nuclear plant in the world- – Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant

273. Name Insurance regulatory in india- – IRDA.

274. What is the Currency of srilanka – Sri Lankan Rupee.

275. Dongfeng missile is developed – China

276. What is a bit- – Smallest Unit of information

277. Dronacharya award is related to – Sports

278. National Science centre is established in which state – New Delhi

279. Headquarter of WHO are situated at – Geneva

280. What is the Capital of Australia – Canberra.

281. President of Brazil – Dilma Rouseff.

282. Lucknow  is on the bank of which  river – Gomti

283. Shortcut key to find text in MS word – Ctrl + F.

284. What is the Currency of Argentina – Argentine peso.

285. How many digits are in IFSC code – 11

286. Antyoday Divas is celebrated for  – Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya

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