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We all love sports as we grown up watching and playing various different kind of sports. Sports give us Energy, it motivate us towards doing something big and most important is that sports help us grow physically and Mentally well. We should know the most amazing facts and Imp questions regarding International sports. Here You can find out the top Trivia questions related to Sport

Top Trivia Questions list is here for Sports lover and for those who want to stand top in the competition of trivia quizzes and questions. Most Imp Trivia questions for sports are here on this page.

Top 60 Trivia Questions. Do you Really Like to Play Trivia Quiz and expand your knowledge regarding these games. Do you Love to Play Trivial quiz we are here to provide you alternative solution as here are top Most imp Trivia questions for kids and most imp trivia quiz questions to score top in these quizzes here we are provide you full details and top questions regarding Trivia quiz.


1. Which williams sister has won more grand slam titles ?

Ans. Serena

Serena has won 72 Single titles over the course of her career and stand number 1 williams sister to won more grand slam titles.

2. Which William Sister has won more grand Slam titles after Serena ?

Ans. Venus

Venus has won 9 Singles titles

3. What is the name of 2 Williams Sisters ?

Ans. Two Williams Sisters Are – Venus Williams and Serena Villaims

4. How Many Singles Titles Serena Williams Won ?

Ans. 72

5. How Many Singles Titles Venus Williams Won ?

Ans. 49

6. Williams Sisters are related to which Sport ?

Ans. Tennis

7. Who is known as the Greatest Boxer of All time ?

Ans. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali known as “The Greatest Boxer” and “The People’s Champion”

8. Which Country won the First FIFA World Cup Final in 1930 ?

Ans. Uruguay

The First FIFA World Cup Final was held on July 30, 1930.

9. Uruguay defeated which Country in FIFA First Final World Cup 1930 ?

Ans. Uruguay defeated Argentina from 2-1 in FiFA 1st final world cup in front of 68,346 people in crowd.

10. When Uruguay won 2nd FIFA World Cup ?

Ans. Uruguay won 2nd FIFA World cup in 1950 from Brazil.

11. Which is the Oldest Tennis Tournament in the World ?

Ans. Wimbledon is the oldest Tennis Tournament.

12. In which Year Wimbledon Championship was started ?

Ans. Wimbledon Championship was started in 1877. This was a man tennis tournament and was held at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon,London.

13. What is the Height of Basketball Hoop from Ground in Professional Basketball Sport ?

Ans. 10 Feet

Standard Basketball hoop height from the ground is 10 feet in professional basketball sport.

14. What is circumference size of Baseball ?

Ans. Baseball circumference is 9 – 91/4 Inches

But it can be asked like Baseball circumference in mm – 229 – 235 mm

15. What is the weight of Baseball ?

Ans. Baseball weight is 5 – 51/4 ounces or Baseball weight in gram – 142 – 149 gm

16. Olympics are held after how Many Years ?

Ans. 4 Years

17. What is the diameter of a Basketball hoop ?

Ans. Basketball hoop diameter in Inches – 18 inches.

18. What is the Size of Olympic Swimming Pool ?

Ans. Olympic Size swimming Pool are 50 meter long and 25 meter wide.

If you would like to know a olympic swimming pool in feet, olympic size swimming pool length in foot is 164 feet and olympic swimming pool width is 82 feet. A olymic size swimming pool depth is 2 m 6 foot.

Like that Olymic size swimming pool surface area is 13454.72 square feet

19. First Modern Olympic Games was held in Which Year ?

Ans. First Olympic Games were held from 6 to 15 April, 1896.

20. Where First Modern Olympic Games were Held ?

Ans. First Modern Olympic games were held at Athens therefore First Modern Olympic games are also known as Athens games.

21. How Many Total Athletes Participate in First Modern Olympic Games ?

Ans. 280 Athletes

22. How Many Countries Participate in First Modern Olympic Games ?

Ans. 12 Countries

23. Who was the First winner of First Modern Olympic Games ?

Ans. America’s James Connolly

America’s James Connolly won the triple just on the first day of First modern olympic games in Athens and became the First winner of Modern Olympic games.

24. Longest Recorded point in the History of Tennis was recorded for how many minutes ?

Ans. 29 Minutes

25. Which players recorded the longest point in the History of Tennis ?

Ans. Nelson and Jean Hepner

25. In which Year Longest Recorded point in the History of Tennis was recorded ?

Ans. 24 Sep 1984

26. What was the Longest Tennis Match in the History of Tennis ?

Ans. Wimbeldon, England.

Longest Tennis Match in the History Also Known as Longest games in the Wimbledon History as this Match was played in Wimbledon, England in June 2010. This longest tennis match in the history was played between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner’s. This match was continue for 3 days and was lasted in 11 hours 5 minutes.

John Isner was the winner of this tennis match.

27. How Many Countries were participated in the Olympic games that no longer exist ?

Ans. 3

28. What is the Nickname of Julius Erving ?

Ans. Dr J

Julius Winfield Erving II or Dr. J is a retired Basketball Player of America. 

29. Who hold the Highest records in NBA ?

Ans. Most records in NBA holds by Wilt Chamberlain 

He holds 72 records (68 by himself) and considered unbreakable. He dominates the NBA Record book

30. Who holds the highest single season points score in NBA ?

Ans. Wilt chamberlain

31. Who was the first NBA player to score 2000 points in a Single Season ?

Ans. Chamberlain

32. When was the First International Football Match was Played ?

Ans. 30 Nov, 1872 between England Scotland at Hamilton

33. Frankie Fredericks is related to which Sport ?

Ans. Athlete

34. Frankie Fredericks is from Which Country ?

Ans. Namibia

35. Which Country hold the highest VolleyBall Gold Medals in Olympic Games ?

Ans. Soviet Union hold the highest Olympic Volleyball gold medals.

36. Who is the Best Volleyball Player in the World ?
Ans. Karch Kiraly or Charls Kiraly is the only player Volleyball player who won Olympic gold medals in both the beach and indoor version.

37. Who was Known as the “Most Famous Vollyball Player” of the century ?

Ans. Karch Kiraly

38. Karch Kiraly belongs to which Country ?

Ans. United states of America

39. Which is best Volleyball Country ?

Ans. Brazil known as Best country at Volleyball

40. What is the Highest Award in Basketball Game ?

Ans. Basketball MVP Trophies

41. What is MVP Full Form ?

Ans. Basketball MVP Full Form – “Most Valuable Player”

42. What is the Prize Money for Olympic Gold Medal ?

Ans. Prize Money for Olympic Gold Medal is $37,500 in USA

43. How Many Olympic Gold Medals were won by Mark Spitz ?

Ans. 7 

Mark Spitz set a olympic record by winning 7 Olympic gold medals in swimming in 1972.

44. Who is the Highest Olympic Gold Medal winner in the History ?

Ans. Michael Phelps 

45. How Many Olympic Gold Medals Michael Phelps Won in total ?

Ans. 23 Gold Medals

46. For what sport women were invited to participate in Olympic First time ?

Ans. Tennis 

47. What Can be the Highest Possible Break in Snooker ?

Ans. 155 points

48. Michael Chen is related to Which Sport ?

Ans. Tennis

49. Michael Chen belongs to which Nationality ?

Ans. America

50. Where is the Headquarter of UEFA ?

Ans. Switzerland

51. Who Defeated Muhammad Ali for the First time in Boxing ?

Ans. Joe Frazier

52. Who won the Highest Basketball Olympic Gold Medals ?

Ans. Teresa Edwards

53. Teresa Edwards belongs to which Country ?

Ans. USA 

54. How Many Olympic Gold Medals Teresa Edwards Holds ?

Ans. 4 Gold Medals

55. Which Country holds the highest Olympic Gold Medals in Basketball ?

Ans. USA

56. How Many Olympic Basketball Gold Medals America Holds ?

Ans. 15

57. Who won the highest Gold Medals in Olympic History ?

Ans. Michael Phelps

58. What is the Dartboard Sequence of Numbers ?

Ans. 20 1 18 4 13 6 10 15 2 17 3 19 7 16 8 11 14 9 12 5 

59. Who invented 50 darts ?

Ans. Brian Gamlin

60. What is the first event in the Man decathlon ?

Ans. Dash

61. What is the second event in the Men Decathlon of the first day ?

Ans. Long Jump

62. San Siro Stadium is located in Which City ?

Ans. Milan, Italy

63. Which year no Baseball World Series was Played ?

Ans. 1994 

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